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‘The Masked Singer’ Finale Recap: Three BIGGEST Celebrity Reveals of Season 2!

Kyle Montplaisir

Kyle Montplaisir


It’s The Masked Singer Finale for season two! Only one celebrity will take home the Golden Mask but three will be revealed.

Here’s how it all went down, who won, and who was unmasked in our Masked Singer Finale recap!

All celebrities unmasked before the Finale on The Masked Singer

“Road to the Finale”

The first hour of the Finale was a recap of everything we’ve seen so far this season. Specifically, it followed the Fox, Flamingo, and Rottweiler‘s journeys to The Masked Singer Finale. And we saw a lot of epic performances, with a heightened level of security and secrecy. We even got a few new clues (in the form of fake social media posts) before getting into the main event!
Fox performs “Try a Little Tenderness” by Otis Redding on The Masked Singer Finale

Fox’s Finale Performance on The Masked Singer

Clues: In the first hour, we saw a post from the Fox saying, “To the dog and the birrrrd – I’ve already won a famous duel on stage. Now it’s time to take down 2 challengers. #scrappyandhungry”

When it came time for the clues video, Fox reads to his “little one” again, saying it’s “Chapter 7: Fairytale Endings?” He has one mission: to win. His shadow is displayed on a wall. The Fox says he tries to make sure he’s “the most prepared in the room” and goes through his dancing and toe-tapping. Winning would allow him so “showcase his skills as a singer” and “finally write his own story.”

Performance: Once again kicking off the night, Fox sang “Try a Little Tenderness” by Otis Redding. I love this song! And Fox definitely did it justice. He brought so much personality to the cover and nailed every note. The staging behind him was epic too. We also got a signature dance break! This was a winner’s performance if I’ve ever seen one. But there’s still two more to go so I won’t speak too soon!

Judges’ Guesses: Jamie Foxx, Wayne Brady
Flamingo performs “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner on The Masked Singer Finale

Flamingo’s Finale Performance on The Masked Singer

Clues: During the “Road to the Finale,” the Flamingo sent a post that said, “Hola pups! Flam Flam is gonna get glam glam before I add more gold to my collection. #lifeinpink” and was liked by the Black Widow!

Flamingo said she was “so nervous” when she got here. But hearing the panelists’ encouragement has helped her “break out of the box she’s put herself in.” She is seen on an old school TV holding up a people chain made out of paper. The Flamingo gets a kiss blown to her, while she says she wants to “make the most of every second” she has left on The Masked Singer stage.

Performance: It’s no surprise that Flamingo’s performance was packed with sparkles and flair! “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner was a perfect choice for her. It showed off her range and voice, but also let her have some fun on the stage. And at the Finale, that is important to do! Her charisma has always made her stand out from the crowd.

Judges’ Guesses: Adrienne Bailon, Fergie
Rottweiler performs “Alive” by Sia on The Masked Singer Finale

Rottweiler’s Finale Performance on The Masked Singer

Clues: The Rottweiler also had his faux post liked by a fellow Masked Singer Finale contestant, the Rabbit from season one! His post said, “This dog’s luck wasn’t great against a *cat emoji* – but I won’t lose to a *flamingo emoji* or a *fox emoji*. #fueledtowin”

In his clue package, Rottweiler talks about how The Masked Singer has been a new beginning for him. He said his “big break happened when he was just a pup” so he “never really got a say in defining who he was.” He is seen shaking hands with one of the men in black, with a vacuum he seems to be selling behind him. Rottweiler talks about how he spent years trying to live up to who everyone else thought he should be and is shown dancing. A film slate is shown, then Rottweiler getting his hair done and playing guitar.

Performance: Closing the season, Rottweiler performed “Alive” by Sia. First of all, Sia is NOT an easy artist to cover. Her range is insane and her songs are so emotional. But Rottweiler really ran with this song choice. He hit all the notes, which again is not an easy feat, and definitely brought the passion too. You gotta give it to him! This is the closest race I’ve seen at the top so far. And Rottweiler didn’t make this decision any easier.

Judges’ Guesses: Darren Criss, Jason Mraz, Dave Franco

Who is the Flamingo?

In third place, and the first one to be unmasked, is the Flamingo. The judges gave their final guesses, with everyone saying Adrienne Bailon except Ken, who guessed Jessica Simpson. Then, she was revealed to be…

The Flamingo is revealed on The Masked Singer Finale

Adrienne Bailon from The Real, The Cheetah Girls, and 3LW!

This was obviously not a surprise at all, with three of the four panelists guessing her identity. But Adrienne did an amazing job this season! She should be proud of her vocals and all the confidence she had on that stage.

Who is the Winner of The Masked Singer Season 2?

Now it is on to the BIGGEST moment of the night. Who will win The Masked Singer season 2?!

And the winner is…

The Fox!

Just as I predicted last week in our Talent Recap Show, the Fox took home the Golden Mask! But that’s not all. We still need to find out who the Rottweiler and Fox are.

Who is the Rottweiler?

Next to be revealed is the runner-up, the Rottweiler. The judges had a chance to say their final guesses on who was under the mask. As they did earlier in the episode, Robin and Nicole said Darren Criss, Jenny guessed Jason Mraz, and Ken predicted Dave Franco.

When Rottweiler was unmasked it was…

The Rottweiler is revealed on The Masked Singer Finale

Singer Chris Daughtry!

Though none of the panelists guessed his identity, we did! Rottweiler had some of the best performances of the season and definitely proved he deserved to be a finalist. But, as was the case on American Idol, he couldn’t quite secure the win.

Who is the Fox?

Which brings us to the last reveal, the WINNER of The Masked Singer season two, the Fox! All season, the panelists have been consistent in guessing he is either Jamie Foxx or Wayne Brady.

Then, to claim his Golden Mask, he was revealed to be…

The season 2 winner, Fox, is revealed on The Masked Singer Finale

Comedian/actor/host Wayne Brady!

All the clues about being multitalented were not lying. Wayne Brady has done it all! And now, he has a Golden Mask to add to his shelf of awards. Congratulations to Wayne Brady (the Fox) on the big win!

And tune in to The Masked Singer with us again next year! The new season starts on February 2nd, after the Super Bowl. Here’s a preview to hold you over until then.

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