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In a preview for tonight’s episode of The Masked Singer, Rottweiler revealed a new clue. And it goes right in line with who we predicted the Rottweiler to be!

Here’s Rottweiler’s latest clue, what it means, and who is under the mask.

Rottweiler reveals his physical clue in this preview of The Masked Singer

Rottweiler’s Physical Clue

In the preview, you can see that Rottweiler’s physical clue is a drawn portrait of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Triumph is appearing as a special guest panelist for this episode of The Masked Singer.

Rottweiler says to Triumph, “I love you so much that I drew this for you, hoping that you would sign it for a fellow pup.”

Triumph Drawing Decoded

So what does this mean? Well, the answer is simple. There are definitely SPOILERS AHEAD though! If you don’t want to know who the Rottweiler is, stop reading NOW. But if you do, scroll down below the photo.

Kyle Montplaisir | Talent Recap Rottweiler reveals his physical clue to be a drawn portrait of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

Knowing that the Rottweiler is rock singer Chris Daughtry, the clue makes perfect sense. Daughtry has a longtime interest in drawing comics, which explains the portrait. Also, aside from the obvious dog connection, Triumph was kicked out of the Honolulu line for American Idol auditions. As we all know, Chris Daughtry got his career started on the talent show. So there’s even a tie to the guest panelist in the drawing!
Rottweiler performs “Maneater” on The Masked Singer season 2 premiere

The Rest of Rottweiler’s Clues

If that’s not enough to convince you the Rottweiler is Chris Daughtry, let’s go through the rest of his clues.

Rottweiler talks about football a lot and Chris played football growing up. The fact that he focuses so much on it seems like a diversion to make us think it’s an athlete. Chris’s career in music really started when he quit football to pursue music in high school. That would also explain the “Fantasy Champion” ring. We see a gold album in his clue package, paying homage to his band’s gold album, “Break the Spell.” The blue rose clues tie in to Chris Daughtry’s tattoo on his arm.

Rottweiler talks about “succeeding on his own,” hinting that he’s been part of a group. Chris Daughtry was the front-man for his band, Daughtry. He went on to say he rose to fame “almost overnight,” which could be alluding to his run on American Idol jump-starting his career. He also mentions being “judged” many times, again referencing his time on Idol. Finally, the Rottweiler said he has a “wait and see” attitude and mentioned it’s “not over” for him, which are 100% references to two of his biggest singles, “Waiting for Superman” and “It’s Not Over.”


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