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‘LEGO Masters’ “Flip My Block” Has Contestants Building LEGO Dream Homes


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LEGO Masters turns home reno show as the final four teams attempt to “Flip My Block.” Turning drab cookie cutters into LEGO dream homes was the theme this week. Host Will Arnett ripped his sleeves off and channeled his inner Ty Pennington to make this the most extreme LEGO home renovation show. The twists keep coming and the stunning conclusion may have teams wondering “what if…?” 

This week’s challenge would haunt any HOA president as the teams took ordinary homes and gave them extreme makeovers. Incorporating the pieces of an assembled LEGO home, the teams were tasked with creating fabulous dream homes that featured moving parts. Movement in a home is never a good thing, but on LEGO Masters it’s a great way to test the brick artists’ technical building skills. 

Extreme Makeover: ‘LEGO Masters’ Home Edition 

The teams were given homes and had 11 hours to flip them into dream LEGO homes. Brick masters Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard hoped to see over-the-top concepts and storytelling. They also expressed their focus would be on the movement designed into the build. 

If it wasn’t difficult for the brick artists already, Arnett presented his twist to the challenge just as teams were finding their groove. The teams chose a box and whatever LEGO NPU (Nice Part Use) piece was inside needed to be incorporated into the build. 

The NPU twist was meant to throw teams for a loop. Not for these super creative brick artists though. All four teams had no problem using their imagination and adopting them well into their builds. 

The Brick Masters: Who Was Eliminated?

Mark and Steven didn’t feel confident in this week’s build and cashed in their Golden Brick keeping them safe from elimination. After seeing the finished homes, it was time for Amy and Jamie to decide the fates of the final four teams. To the surprise of Mark and Steven, they were named the challenge winners. A win they didn’t necessarily want having used their immunity. The brick masters applauded all of the movement they presented in the build and its balance with aesthetics. 

No team joined Mark and Steven as a top team this week. Instead, the three remaining teams all stepped forward to accept their fate. Caleb and Jacob as well as Michelle and Natalie both received feedback that their moving features didn’t deliver much “wow.” Zack and Wayne had an amazing amount and range of motion but their flying pig was both too blocky and not house enough.

Despite the unfavorable critiques, all the teams were spared from elimination. Four teams still remain and just one more episode to the finale. Who do you think will get cut next? 

Catch the next episode of ‘LEGO Masters’ next Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.

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