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What is the Golden Brick on ‘Lego Masters’?

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You’ve probably heard of the coveted Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent and know by now that it’s the one thing that every act wants. Lego Masters has its own equivalent to the top honor in the form of a tiny gold LEGO piece. Being awarded the Golden Brick doesn’t cause confetti to fall from the ceiling, but it does offer up one huge advantage. What exactly is the Golden Brick on Lego Masters and what does it do?

What is the Golden Brick on ‘Lego Masters’ and What Does it Do?

Lego Masters pushes some of the greatest LEGO builders to create the biggest and most vibrant masterpieces ever seen on television. The show has no shortage of LEGO explosions and funny commentary from host Will Arnett. The Golden Brick offers up the chance for even more excitement for viewers. It can mean the difference between staying in the competition and getting sent home.

During the first episode of each season, the teams all vie for the Golden Brick. The winners of the very first challenge receive the honor. They can use during the building segment of any future challenge to allow them to automatically advance on to the next episode. Even if their piece ends up being bad, the team will still be safe.

The Golden Brick basically equals immunity for one team during the challenge of their choosing. If they are not feeling particularly confident in their work during a challenge, it’s best to use it to keep themselves safe. The flip side of this is using the immunity way too soon in a challenge that they actually end up doing well in. Some teams might crumble under the pressure from making this huge decision.

After a team uses the Golden Brick to stay safe during the challenge, it becomes available once again in another challenge. Any of the teams are eligible to receive the Golden Brick in future challenges. All they have to do is have the best LEGO masterpiece of the week.


Which Team Has Gotten To Use it This Season So Far?

During the first challenge of Season 2, the teams had to build a float for the first annual LEGO Day Parade. They were told that the Golden Brick would be back into play this season which got them all hyped up. Zach and Wayne won the Golden Brick after building an awesome float. With this win came the constant pondering of whether or not they should use it in a challenge.

In the third episode of the competition when it came time to build tall LEGO buildings, Zach and Wayne were a bit nervous about their structure. They decided to use the Golden Brick to ensure their safety for the week. They ended up doing well in the challenge so it may have been a bit early to use it. Now that they used the Golden Brick, it is back up for grabs in the next challenge.

Arnett used his humor in a sneak peek of episode five to re-introduce the Golden Brick to the teams once more. A LEGO box descended down from the ceiling with the shiny piece inside. All of the teams rejoiced when they saw that the Golden Brick is back again. All it takes is some out-of-the-box building and ideas to earn it.

There’s no telling who will receive this huge immunity next. After a one-week hiatus, Lego Masters returns with its fifth episode on July 6. The teams will be competing in the “One Floating Brick” challenge. Their building tables will be removed from the workroom, forcing them to build only using one floating LEGO technic brick.

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