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‘LEGO Masters’ Cliffhangers Get Literal in Castle Building Challenge

Lego MastersTom Griscom/FOX

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LEGO Masters returned this week with more cliffhangers after last week’s shocking non-elimination. For the four remaining teams, the term “cliffhanger” was very literal in this week’s challenge as they looked to build castles on the edge of a cliff. The stakes were high for the final challenge before the finale and a rivalry fueled the stakes for two teams.

Compared to season one, challenges on this season of LEGO Masters have focused more on technical building skills. For this latest challenge, they pushed this envelope further with a cliffhanging castle build challenge. Castles are one of the most popular LEGO themes and any possible LEGO Master has likely built a few.

If you’re a master of LEGO, you should know how to build off a vertical surface. At least, the show thought so when they challenged the builders to construct their castles to extend out from a vertical wall.

The ‘Lego Masters’ Fate Hangs at the Edge of a Cliff

When entering the brick pit this week, the castle theme was quickly apparent to the teams. The excited brothers Mark and Steven are known within the LEGO community for the impressive castles they’ve built. They even earned the nickname the Castle Brothers.

Equally excited to tackle a castle challenge were the twins Caleb and Jacob. More exciting to them was the chance to go head to head in castle building with their competition rivals, Mark and Steven. The twins even challenged them for the Castle Brothers name. A challenge that Mark and Steven accepted.

In this challenge, the teams had two ways to secure their spot in the finale. They could leave it to the brick masters to decide after being judged on aesthetics and storytelling or they could build their cliffside castle to reach the farthest from the wall. This team would automatically be in the final three.

Brothers Wayne and Zack proved their technical skills once again and they built the longest castle. Their minor engineering marvel secured them as the first team in the final.

Next was the judging where Caleb and Jacob were named the challenge winners. Their castle was an incredible display of technical skill and imaginative storytelling. While they were the second team moving to the finale, their excitement was really with earning their new title of Castle Brothers.

That left Mark and Steven and moms Michelle and Natalie as the bottom teams. The brick masters felt that both teams had incredible builds, but left them wanting a little more. It was Mark and Steven who moved onto the final three as their castle shined a little brighter.

It was an emotional farewell for Michelle and Natalie. The DIY moms were the last women left in the competition and are the female duo to last longest in the show’s two seasons. While last season’s winners were Amy Clites and her husband Tyler, an all-woman team has yet to make it to the top three. Natalie praised brick master Amy as an inspiration for young girls beginning with LEGO.

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