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Watch How Light Balance Won A Golden Buzzer In Total Darkness

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Light Balance is the “brightly” imaginative dance crew who amazed us on season 12 of America’s Got Talent. They weren’t the first light-emitting dancers to find success on AGT, joining Fighting Gravity and Team iLuminate in that niche. But after working some “24K Magic” in their audition, the crew saw gold when host, Tyra Banks, gave the act her Golden Buzzer. They had big dreams to change their lives. What has that excitement turned into for these high-tech hoofers?

Gold That Shines in the Dark

Having seen light dancing acts before, the judges had a good feeling as the lights shut off in the auditorium. Breaking the pitch blackness is the sudden formation of “Dr. Funkenstein” atop a throne in bright neon. From his seat, he works some basic pop and lock movements to get his heart pumping before taking center stage.

The beat drops and we suddenly see he’s backed by eight other neon characters. Accompanied by an intricate light show they’re able to defy the impossible with their choreography. Along with a flurry of disappearing acts, the lights allow them to create visuals that help the crew add trailing and floating effects to the movements. They even imaginatively transform into a car along the way. The crowd loved it with judges gave a standing ovation.

Judges only spoke positively of the routine. Howie Mandel recognized their simulation of lights as being a separate choreography that added to the act. He spoke for all of us saying, “we love what you did, and you should be very proud.”

Simon Cowell thought “the act was incredible, it was imaginative, it was different.” Howie goes to take the act to vote but Tyra rushes in to halt that. After getting some confirmation from the audience, she heads to the judge’s table to seal their golden buzzer fate.


Bright Futures For Light Balance

Light Balance amazed us every time, advancing all the way to the finals. The crew was the third dance act to incorporate light (or the lack of) into a routine. Just as the two acts before them had, Light Balance went on to finish third. They didn’t win AGT, but they certainly were no losers.

In the following season, the crew gave us a “magical” live performance alongside the talented wizardry of The Illusionists. The group returned, this time with protege’s, Light Balance Kids in season 14. The Light Balance Kids saw equal success earning a golden buzzer, but unlike their founders, they finished in fifth place. Competing once again on the Got Talent stage, Light Balance returned for last year’s AGT: The Champions. Despite not advancing beyond prelims this time, they have found plenty of success outside the show.

If you’re lucky you can see them live these days. They’ve toured internationally and even brought AGT full circle performing on Broadway with The Illusionists. Companies also took interest in the crew, landing them in a few ads.

The tech dancers are interactive for fans as well. Not only do they have their own Facebook/Instagram filter, but you can watch the dancers in virtual reality too. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all their live shows have been canceled. Good news is they do continue to release new videos on their Instagram and Facebook.

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