Katy Perry’s Best Moments on ‘American Idol’

Jill O'Rourke
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Katy Perry on 'American Idol's Disney NightPhoto by: ABC/Raymond Liu

Katy Perry has been a judge on American Idol for five seasons, since the show was revived on ABC in 2018. In that time, she’s showed off some crazy costumes, had crushes on several contestants, and brought plenty of hilarious moments to our TV screens.

Katy Perry’s Best ‘American Idol’ Moments

1. When She Swooned Over Trevor Holmes

In Season 16, a singer named Trevor Holmes auditioned for the show, and Perry fell instantly in love. As Trevor shared his story, she interrupted him to say, “You’re so hot.” She turned into a bundle of giggles and blushes as Trevor performed, even hiding behind Luke Bryan. When Trevor’s girlfriend showed up, she ran away.

2. When She Ugly Cried Over Johanna Jones’ Engagement

In Season 17, contestant Johanna Jones received a surprise from her boyfriend Matt, who showed up to propose to her on stage during Hollywood Week. Perry immediately fell to the ground and sobbed over the romantic moment. She screamed when she saw Johanna’s ring and wailed, “Why won’t someone love me like that?”

3. When She Fell Out of Her Chair While Dressed as Ariel

Perry loves to dress up for Disney Night every season. In the past, she’s been Ursula, Snow White, Tinkerbell, and Mrs. Jumbo from Dumbo. During Season 20, she came out dressed as Ariel from The Little Mermaid, complete with a mermaid tail. Perry propped her tail on the judges’ table, and it wasn’t long before she fell backwards in her chair on live TV. The other judges had to help her up.

4. When She Split Her Pants While Singing

During Hollywood Week for Season 20, Perry led a sing-along with the contestants to her song “Teenage Dream.” When she got to the line about “skin-tight jeans,” she crouched down and promptly split her pants in the back. The show censored her rear end as the crew (with the help of Luke Bryan) covered things up with yellow tape.

5. When She Did the Worm During an Audition

In Season 17, a singer named Jake Puliti auditioned for the show with a performance of “This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan. As Jake performed, Perry stood up and started dancing. She ended up moving to the floor in front of Jake and doing the worm as her fellow judges laughed. Jake told her, “That was spectacular.”

6. When She Got Into a Chip-Eating Contest

The proposal wasn’t Perry’s only memorable moment with Johanna Jones. During Johanna’s audition, the pair got into a chip-eating contest after the contestant shared that she likes eating potato chips before she sings. Perry said she used to do the same thing. As Johanna rushed to eat the chips, Perry and Bryan ate their own. Perry finished things off by stuffing the entire bag into her mouth.

7. When She Made Up a Song About Queso

Speaking of snacks, Perry ate some queso during a break in Season 20 auditions. As Bryan played the piano, Perry made up a silly song about how much she loves queso, singing, “Melt in your mouth / Won’t let you down / F*ck the calories / It’s the cheese.” Lionel Richie told them, “That was so nice. I enjoyed that.”

8. When She Showed Off Her Unshaved Legs

During Season 19, Perry got honest about life as a new mom, admitting that she hadn’t been shaving her legs. She told contestant Cassandra Coleman, “When you sang, the hair on my legs grew an inch and a half. Full body chills!” Bryan did some investigating to see if she was telling the truth. Perry propped her legs up on the desk, and Bryan said, “She literally has leg hair!”

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