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How Simon Cowell Would Judge if He Appeared on Other Talent Shows

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It’s no secret that Simon Cowell is one of the most well known talent show judges in the business. After getting his start on Pop Idol in the United Kingdom he brought his sarcasm and honest comments to the United States to launch American Idol.

Since he’s been in the business for quite some time, I’m sure he could go on to judge some of our other favorite shows. Let’s explore some judging roles Cowell could take on if he were to ever leave the Got Talent franchise.

1. LEGO Masters

It would take some work, but Cowell could become a brick master along with Amy and Jamie. To be honest, I could see him excelling on this show as a judge or guest judge. This is the type of talent that can’t be seen on a show like America’s Got Talent given the time restraints.

Cowell isn’t necessarily known for being into art, but I think this show could change anyone’s mind. The talent show mogul has always judged talents other than singing on shows like America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent, so I think he could get the hang of it with time.

2. Queen of The Universe

I would really love to see Cowell judge on Queen of The Universe. It only feels right that he would take on another singing show. Queen of The Universe is the only spin off of RuPaul’s Drag Race that is focused primarily on the queens singing voice over everything else. If contestants truly want to know how good their singing voice is they’d jump at the opportunity to perform for Cowell.

This series is currently judged by Leona Lewis, Vanessa Williams, Trixie Mattel, amd Michelle Visage. If Mama Ru can get a huge name like Leona Lewis to join the series, I know the series can also get Cowell.

3. The Voice

I fully believe Cowell would be a great coach on The Voice. On top of being a talent scout, he’s a record executive. A part of his judging position on The X Factor U.K. was the job of mentoring his group. Since he’s mentored before, I think he would have a clear shot at winning the season.

Not only could Cowell win this series, it would be quite iconic to see him as a mentor again. That’s one of the ways that America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent is severely lacking. This talent show judge is known for discovering some great talent, but he’s also known for creating and mentoring some pretty talented groups (like Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, One Direction, etc).

4. Hell’s Kitchen

Some may immediately think Cowell is totally unqualified to judge a cooking show, but hear me out. Not every guest judge is a chef or restaurant owner, so he totally could. Cowell has a trained eye for talent, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he was naturally good on this show.

I mainly like the idea of Cowell on this series for the same reason as LEGO Masters. Cooking is not a skill that can be seen on the Got Talent stage due to time and equipment restrictions. Plus, Gordon Ramsay and Cowell are known for being two of the most tough men on television. It would be great to see them standing next to one another.


5. The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer would be a lot of fun for Cowell. This series has seen a lot of American Idol alum in the past few seasons so I think it would be fun to see if he can recognize them. On top of the American Idol alum, I have a hankering suspicion that this talent show judge is one that has a lot of celebrity friends. In that aspect, I think he would also excel in the game.

From his years of judging talent shows and producing at Syco Music Cowell I could see him having an unfair advantage over the other panelists. Other panelists have lied in the past when a celebrity they know is behind the mask, but I don’t think he would do that. If he were to hear a voice like Katharine McPhee, he’s going to say it’s Katharine McPhee. It would be tough to have him on this series in that aspect since producers would have to find celebrities that aren’t associated with talent shows and/or Syco Music.

6. Strictly Come Dancing

This series is a toss up for me. On one hand, I think Cowell would be great on this show, he judges dancers all time. On the other hand, I think that he would have a hard time with the fact that songs choices are provided by the network. I could see his biggest critique being the song choice in most instances.

Strictly Come Dancing typically has professional dancer judges, but they’ve made an exception in the past for guest judges. Actress Jennifer Gray, singer Donny Osmond, and actor Alfonso Ribeiro have all been guest judges in the past. Unfortunately, instead those three celebrities have competed on Dancing With the Stars. Considering that, he will probably never sit in as a guest judge for this series. I’m sure Cowell has hit decline on that phone call many times given his age and celebrity status.

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