Graham DeFranco Reveals He is Dating Hunter Metts’ Sister

Over the past 19 seasons of American Idol, we have seen so many contestants fall in love with each other on the show. Behind the scenes, it looks like the love bug has followed Graham DeFranco. He began a countrywide tour of visiting his Idol friends after his elimination. This lead him right into the heart of a familiar face.

Graham DeFranco Finds Love After ‘American Idol’ with Hunter Metts’ Sister

The aerial survey pilot seems to have found love after his shocking elimination from the show. Graham posted an adorable set of pictures with Mattie Metts. Their smiles tell us everything we need to know about their relationship.

In the photos, Graham still has a beard, which has since been shaved off in an attempt to get justice for eliminated contestant Hunter Metts. Obviously, the pair have been dating for a little while.

Graham visited Hunter’s family in Tennessee to virtually cheer him on while he was still competing on the show. Mattie has also been her brother’s biggest supporter ever since his audition. Hunter was eliminated in the Top 7 episode but still has the support of his friends, family, and huge fanbase with the release of his song “20,000 Kisses.”

Graham and Hunter’s fans are absolutely obsessed with the photos Graham posted with Mattie. It led everyone to speculate whether or not he is off the market. To clear up the speculation, Graham commented on his post:

“To answer everybody’s question…….yes,” he wrote.

Mattie reposted the same set of photos over on her Instagram account adding: “you haven’t lived until you’ve met Graham DeFranco.”

In an exclusive interview with Talent Recap, Graham did not mention his new relationship. He did say, however, that he plans to move in with Hunter and his two other American Idol besties Wyatt Pike and current Top 3 finalist Chayce Beckham. They plan to look for a house in Tennessee where Mattie and Hunter both currently live.

It became clear on Season 19 of American Idol that true friendships and bonds were forming the second the contestants met each other. Wyatt left the competition due to “personal reasons” in April. Since then, he has maintained the support of his fellow contestants including the bromance he made on the show.

We need to start a petition for these American Idol guys to get their own reality show when the season is over!


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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