‘American Idol’s Chayce Beckham is the Country Bad Boy We Love to Love

Taylor Fox
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American Idol‘s Top 4 contestants all released singles today taking the internet by storm. For the first time in Idol history, the Top 7 contestants were given the chance to get into a studio with legendary producers to record and release a song of their own that they will then perform during this week’s Top 4 episode. While each song was beautiful and reflected the performer’s unique style, Chayce Beckham‘s original blew me away.

Chayce was the only performer who recorded an original that he also wrote himself. “23,” based on the Apple Valley heartthrob’s life experiences, can actually be heard in the background of his Idol audition voiceover filmed way back in October. A small detail, but one that emphasizes Chayce’s passion and commitment to producing meaningful music.

While all of the Top 4 contestants released powerful new songs, the bold move of recording something he wrote himself, makes Chayce’s song the best in my eyes.

About 30 seconds into the clip, Chayce introduces himself to the tune we now know is his original song “23.”

“I’m gonna take this shot, and I don’t think I’ll miss,” Chayce said to the camera during his audition. He’s living up to that promise with today’s release.

After his audition, all three judges were equally impressed with Chayce and Katy Perry even declared him a Top 5 contestant.

“You sound like the hearts of America,” Perry said at the time. Chayce has now, of course, made it into the Top 4 for Season 19, surpassing that expectation.

Chayce is Here for ‘Idol’s Country Fans

After Caleb Kennedy left the competition this week due to the resurface of a video he filmed when he was younger depicting racist images, fans were shocked that Idol‘s finale would not feature a country musician. I’m here to declare Chayce the country-crooner y’all want to see.

His apparent obsession with wearing denim and flannel, and the love he has for his mama, embodies the best qualities of a country boy. With a background filled with heartbreak and alcoholism, along with a past job as a forklift driver, the movie of Chayce’s life writes itself.

The newly-release song I’ve become obsessed with, “23,” is giving off vibes somewhere between Sam Hunt and Bradley Cooper’s alcoholic rock-country character in A Star is Born. They make up a trifecta of country bad-boys really.

Not to mention, underneath that rugged exterior, Chayce is a total softy. His lyrics are filled with gratitude for his mother, he’s incredibly humble, and he truly cares about his fellow contestants. He recently posted on his Instagram story a shout-out to help his duet-week partner, Christina “Redd” Daugherty, who is raising money to finish recording her first album. We just love to see artists supporting artists. Chayce using his platform to help out a friend is simply *chef’s kiss.*

The Top 4 performers’ original songs are now out on streaming platforms. You can also check out behind the scenes videos on American Idol‘s YouTube channel.

Be sure to tune into American Idol this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET as the Top 4 perform three songs each, including their original songs. At the end of the show, only three contestants will continue on to compete in the season finale.

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