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Fan-Favorite Wildcard is Revealed on ‘The Masked Singer’


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Nick Cannon is back as the host on The Masked Singer after recovering from COVID-19. This episode featured the very last wildcard performer, The Yeti. The most exciting moment of all tonight has to be the big reveal of an incredible rockstar who was a fan-favorite wildcard performer.


Who Was Unmasked On ‘The Masked Singer’ Tonight?

After a night full of awesome performances, the judges and the superfans had to vote for their favorite performer. Based on the votes, The Orca was eliminated from the competition.

Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger made the same first impression guess of Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. While Scherzinger stuck to her guess, McCarthy changed hers to surfer Kelly Slater. Robin Thicke’s first impression guess was Green Day’s Billy Joe Armstrong which he ended up sticking with. Ken Jeong’s first impression guess was Jon Bon Jovi. He also switched his guess to Armstrong before the big reveal.

The Orca was revealed to be…rockstar Mark McGrath! The judges were absolutely shook that they did not guess it correctly. They applauded him for his electrifying performances. McGrath is the lead singer of Sugar Ray and certainly one of the most exciting performers the show has ever seen.


Here are the clues that were featured in The Orca’s final clue package this week:

The Orca channeled his hero, his father during his first performance as the wildcard. He always looked up to his dad growing up. He became laser-focused on his baby’s baptism while his father’s health deteriorated. His father lived to see the ceremony and died a few days later. They swan around a pool of Swedish Fish in the clue package. He will never forget his dad’s last words. His dad said he is proud of him for being a dad and his spirit lives on.

The Orca sang “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” by Poison this week. It was a very emotional performance. The Orca revealed that he is a father of 10-year old twins after the performance. The performance touched Thicke’s heart because he lost his dad in 2016.

Cannon brought out a t-shirt cannon to shoot out shirts to the judges that revealed a clue this week. The Orca’s t-shirt clue said “Purrrr” because he said he likes to “purrrty.”

Jeong guessed it was rapper Fred Durst or Billy Joe Armstrong after the performance. McCarthy thought it was Avengers star, Jeremy Renner. Wow, they were so wrong!

Who Are The Russian Dolls?

Clue Package: The Russian Dolls learned to live life on the road in a tour bus. They have performed everywhere from parking lots to baseball fields to pizza places. There was a reference to last season’s competitors, The Snow Owls. The Russian Dolls have performed for the President at the White House.

Performance: The trio sang “Want To Want Me” by Jason Derulo. They went with a toy theme for this performance. The background dancers were dressed as Rubix cubes. Once again the harmonies were perfect and had Jeong up out of his seat dancing.

Their t-shirt clue said, “What Goes Around…” They explained this clue saying they have been together for some time but may have gone their seperate ways. They felt it was time for them to come back together again to the stage.

Judges Guesses: Scherzinger thinks it is members of a capella group Pentatonix under the mask. Ken Jeong thinks it could be The Jonas Brothers under the mask. McCarthy thinks it is members of boyband 98 Degrees underneath the mask.


Who Is The Robopine?

Clue Package: The Robopine has been on a mission for his entire career. He has been searching for a golden relic and there have been times in his life where he nearly crumbled. The initials “MW” were visible in the clue package along with a goblet with a dollar in it. The last clue was a referee making a traveling call.

Performance: The Robopine sang “Killing Me Softly” by Roberta Flack. There was a huge dance break during the performance that was a total vibe. He had all of the judges super impressed and dancing along.

His t-shirt clue was a shirt that said “AKA” on it. At his first show, someone called him a porcupine. He decided right then and there that he was The Robopine.

Judges Guesses: McCarthy thinks it could be actor Jamie Foxx, the most popular guess on the show ever. Jeong thinks it could either be actor Will Smith or actor Terrence Howard. Robin Thicke agrees that it could be Howard.


Who Is The Seashell?

Clue Package: The Seashell held multiple shopping bags in her clue package. There was a wedding cake with a cake topper featuring a couple kissing. Many people know her as a trailblazer or a role model. She gets stopped when she’s out shopping or at the movies and has been in the spotlight since she was a kid. The Seashell made so many references to being a superhero in the clue package. She took strength supplements and put on a cape.

Performance: The Seashell sang “Tell Me Something Good” by Chaka Khan and Rufus. She stood in front of a clam shell during the performance and really focused on her vocals.

The Seashells t-shirt clue was “Motown” because Motown helped bring her family together.

Judges Guesses: McCarthy thinks it could be singers Ashanti or Mýa. Scherzinger thinks it is actress KeKe Palmer. Thicke believes it is actress Alicia Silverstone.


Who Is The Yeti?

Clue package: The Yeti is the newest and the last wildcard competitor on The Masked Singer. He only comes out of hiding for a mammoth reason. He held firewood in the clue package. The next few scenes showed him inside of a kitchen. He said too many yetis become monsters where he is from. But, a village of women was there for him to show him the way. He made sandwiches and cupcakes with a candle in one of them. One of the women in the clue package held a giant heart and blew him a kiss. The Masked Singer is a thank you to the women that raised him.

Performance: The Yeti blew everyone away with his performance of “If It Isn’t Love” by New Edition. He did a ton of choreography accompanied by the background dancers who wore snowsuits.

The Yeti’s t-shirt clue said “Aphrodite.” The Yeti is all about love.

Judges Guesses: McCarthy is convinced that it is Ray J. Scherzinger really thinks it is Justin Bieber. Jeong thinks it is Taran Killam.


Were you shocked by the results on The Masked Singer tonight?

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