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Who Are the Russian Dolls? ‘The Masked Singer’ Prediction + Clues Decoded!

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The Masked Singer season five is a game changer! We’ve already seen big celebrities and even bigger surprises. The first shocker of the season was that the Russian Dolls are not only not female, but there’s two (or more) of them!

But who are they? And what are the clues that prove their celebrity identities? All that and more below!

The Masked Singer Russian Dolls clues and performance from the Season 5 Premiere

Clues on The Masked Singer Season 5

The first clue package gave a lot of hints about the Russian Dolls. First, he says “I’ve been doing my own thing for quite some time.” Standing in front of a sign reading “MIZFITZ TOYZ STORE,” he was “the world’s hottest toy.” Then, he’s seen next to a basket of pretzels and a pitcher of milk. But he knew he was more than a “puppet.” Next, Russian Dolls is pushed along a conveyer belt with recyclable boxes reading “OFFICE” on them. When people tried to put him in a box, he wouldn’t fit! “Manufactured toys filled the shelves,” so he was cast aside.


He is shown walking along a snowy bridge, passing a ship’s wheel in the snow. Then, Russian Doll is at a train stop with a “Garden State Highway” sign and a bench that reads “COMING TO A COUNTRY NEAR YOU.” He ends the clues saying he’s “ready to show there’s even more beneath the surface.”

The panelists’ predictions were all over the place. They thought it might be Lady A, Boyz II Men, members of the Glee cast like Matthew Morrison, Kevin McHale, or Darren Criss. They couldn’t even agree if this was a man and woman or two men! But online, most people seem to think it’s either country duo Dan + Shay or the Hanson brothers.

Who are the Russian Dolls on The Masked Singer?

While the clues are harder to figure out, it’s the voices that really gave the Russian Dolls away! So because of that, the Russian Dolls have to be…

Rick Kern/Getty Images Source: Rick Kern/Getty Images


Yes, the boy band Hanson is back in action! There’s at least Isaac and Taylor from the first performance, but we wouldn’t be surprised if a third jumps out at some point and it’s Zac. Or he could be in the bigger one too!

Russian Dolls Clues Decoded

Here’s how the clues play out. The Russian Doll mentions doing his “own thing,” which obviously depends on which brother is speaking. But this makes the most sense for Taylor, who leads another band called Tinted Windows. On the sign, “MIZFITZ TOYZ STORE” could be a nod to one of their first appearances, on “Yo! Kidz: The Vidz” or to their names, as the “ITZ” could mean Isaac, Taylor, and Zac. Though there’s no direct connection to pretzels or milk I could find, there is a company called Von Hanson’s that makes pretzels and one called Hansen Dairy that makes milk. Could that be the connection?

In the talk about being “put on a shelf” by “manufacturers,” it seems to be alluding to Hanson’s fall after their initial fame. Their label executives said their later music lacked marketability, leading to them creating their own record label, 3CG. The box with “OFFICE” written on it has to do with a box office, and Hanson made a documentary film called Strong Enough to Break. We also saw a Russian Doll walking on a snowy bridge in the clues, which could be referencing Hanson’s many Christmas albums, including one called “Snowed In.” Finally, the “country” clue some of the panelists picked up on could be pointing to the fact that Hanson is from Oklahoma.


Do you agree with our prediction? Watch The Masked Singer on Wednesday nights for more clues and don’t forget to tune in to our YouTube channel for full episode recaps and reveals every week!

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