‘The Masked Singer’ Wildcard Pulls Off The Most UNEXPECTED Twist Ever!

Samantha Agate
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Just when we thought this season of The Masked Singer couldn’t get any crazier, a third wildcard joined Group B this week to shake up the competition. You seriously will never guess which celebrity was unmasked this week. Keep reading to learn how guest host Niecy Nash pulled off one of the most epic episodes of all time.

Who Is The Black Swan?

Clues: The Black Swan said that wearing the mask is bringing out the confidence trapped inside of her. She looked into a mirror and reflected on her past performances. When she first began her career, she sent out her auditions with no face. There was another clue that had 10’s written across the board. A pile of leaves and a cat were also another focus of the clue package. She was handed a backpack with “Montana” written on it. She dove headfirst out of a plane in the clue package. As she was falling, the word “spot” flew through the air.

Performance: The Black Swan performed “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston. She really focused on vocals for this performance and chose the perfect song. After each contestant’s performance, they all revealed a personal item from their house. The Black Swans item is a unicorn to commemorate one of her best friends who passed away.

Judges Guesses: Jenny McCarthy guessed that it is Hannah Montana actress Emily Osment. Robin Thicke thinks it is Victoria Justice under the mask. Ken Jeong is convinced it is Disney actress Brenda Song under the mask.

Who Is The Piglet?

Clues: The Piglet spent most of his life getting grilled. A lei sat on a rock in the clue package as The Piglet rubbed a lamp. He held a baby spider with a pink bow on it and spoke about how someone appeared in his life and turned it around. He fed the baby spider an ear of corn. Mini palm trees sat on a rock and a badge with “1DR” on it flashed on the screen.

Performance: The Piglet performed “7 Years” by Lukas Graham. This performance made Jenny so emotional and she started crying. He poured his heart and soul into this performance. His item from home that was revealed after his performance is dog tags which he never goes anywhere without.

Judges Guesses: Nicole thinks all of the clues point to Backstreet Boys member Kevin Richardson. Ken thinks it is One Direction member Zayn Malik. Jenny guessed that it is Backstreet Boy AJ McLean.

Who Is The Crab?

Clues: The Crab joined the competition as the wildcard last week. In his clue package, he talked about how his mom tried to keep him on the straight and narrow path when he was younger. She often made him watch her cook. He helped cook a tray of macaroni and cheese in the clue package. Cooking eventually turned into his passion. A picture of Big Ben sat in a frame on his dinner table.

Performance: The Crab performed a more upbeat routine this week. He sang “Give It To Me Baby” by Rick James. After the performance, he was out of breath. Producers ushered him off the stage and offered him a fan. He kept saying that he wanted to take the mask off backstage. After cooling down a bit, he returned to the stage. The men in black then revealed his household item, a black bowler hat. He often wears it to honor Sammy Davis Jr.

Judges Guesses: Jenny thinks it is Bobby Brown because he has his own line of seasonings. Ken believes it is someone from Boyz II Men like Shawn Stockman.

Who Is The Chameleon?

Clues: The Chameleon wants to impress his little chameleon more than anyone. He has a love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which inspired him to practice martial arts. This has really changed his life as he continues to set an example for his child. Three clocks displayed the number 346.

Performance: This week The Chameleon performed “Hip Hop” by Dead Prez. The judges were very impressed by his rapping skills and swag. The clue from his house was a plate of chicken wings because he always has something cooking in his kitchen.

Judges Guesses: Nicole believes it is rapper Waka Flocka Flame. Robin guessed it is Wiz Khalifa because of the black and yellow clues. Jenny believes it is rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Who Is The Bulldog?

Clues: Another wildcard was introduced this week, The Bulldog. He has been fending for himself his whole life. There was a ton of football clues and references in the clue package. This includes a dog bowl that said “super” on it. He said that he is the sexiest dog alive. He stood next to The Skeleton from a previous season of The Masked Singer in the clue package. A sign said, “beware of dog.” He dedicated his performance to host Niecy Nash.

Performance: The Bulldog showed off some old school moves as he performed “Candy Girl” by New Edition. At the end of the performance, he once again declared his love for Niecy. His clue from home is a board that said “And…live from New York it’s Saturday night.”

Judges Guesses: Ken thinks it is Chris Tucker. Jenny really believes it is Eddie Murphy or Chris Rock.

Who Was Revealed On ‘The Masked Singer’ Tonight?

This week, Niecy decided to shock everyone. Instead of relying on the votes of the judges and superfans to decide who goes home, she decided which contestant was unmasked. Niecy chose The Bulldog.

The Bulldog was unmasked right away without any final guesses from the judges. In the most shocking twist ever, The Bulldog was revealed to be…NICK CANNON! Nick is back finally after recovering from COVID-19. Nick will be back to hosting next week after Niecy seriously did an incredible job in his place. Tonight’s episode proved that anything can happen on The Masked Singer.

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