‘The Masked Singer’ Wildcard Twist Shakes Up The Competition!

Samantha Agate
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The Masked Singer always finds new ways to shake up the competition. This year, the show introduced a new Wildcard twist that is seriously exciting. Fan-favorite guest judge Joel McHale returned for tonight’s episode where Group A battled it out for a chance to stay in the competition.

The Wildcard twist is basically a late arrival into the competition. There will be a new one each week who will be performing. They are eligible to be voted out of the competition just like the other contestants and the judges will be guessing their identities as well.

Who Are The Russian Dolls?

Clues: The Russian Dolls said in their clue package that they haven’t always been in unison. There was a tiny model featuring the solar system. The camera also focused on a banjo. One of them spoke about how he once noticed something seriously wrong which sent him to the hospital. There was also a letterman jacket with an “M” on it. A couple of blocks spelled out the word “help.”

Performance: The Russian Dolls performed “Wonder” by Shawn Mendes. This performance proved to be full of surprises because a third Russian Doll came out from backstage. The three of the performed perfect harmonies together and blew the judges away.

Judges Guesses: Jenny McCarthy thinks it is all three members of country group Lady A. Robin Thicke thinks it could be members of Sugarland. Joel thinks it could be Boyz II Men. Ken Jeong thinks it is members of the Jackson 5.


Who Is The Raccoon?

Clues: The Raccoon said in the clue package that he is starstruck by Jenny. He started out his career as a fighter. There were a lot of boxing references that led up to him saying that he became a champion. He started acting later on in life and became a Hollywood star. There was a man blowing bubbles in the clue package.

Performance: The Raccoon sang “Ring Of Fire” by Johnny Cash. The background dancers held up wanted posters with Jenny’s face on them. It was a western-themed performance and the judges danced around to the song.

Judges Guesses: Robin thinks it is Tony Danza because he used to be a boxer. Nicole Scherzinger thinks it is Sylvester Stallone. Jenny thinks it could be A-list actor John Voight.

Who Is The Robopine?

Clues: The Robopine says singing in the competition got him out of his funk. There was a lightning pendant that flashed on the screen and extra emphasis on working a construction job. A police siren also flashed on the screen. A stuffed cat sat on the floor during this chaotic clue package. The Robopine handed one of the men in the clue package a bouquet of roses.

Performance: The Robopine performed an intimate version of “All Of Me” by John Legend. He pointed at Nicole during the performance to dedicate it to her. The performance made her burst into tears and was unlike any other performance on the show before.

Judges Guesses: Nicole thinks it is singer Jason Derulo because of the cat clue. Robin thinks it is Wesley Snipes under the mask. Ken made the wild guess of Eddie Murphy.


Who Is The Seashell?

Clues: The Seashell had a dog watching her performance on television in the clue package. She said that early on in her life being alone was scary for her. She was standing underneath a bed in the clue package. Then her life turned around when a showman asked her out. He was a total jock and made her feel larger than life. There were several baseball references. Bagels could be seen in the background. There was also a stopwatch with two minutes on it and a reference to gardening or taking care of plants.

Performance: The Seashell performed “Confident” by Demi Lovato. This time she sounded a lot less nervous. The background dancers were dressed as pirates and the stage was set to look like a pirate ship.

Judges guesses: Joel thinks it could be Ashlee Simpson. Ken thinks it is Jenny Slate. Robin thinks it could be Haylie Duff.


The Wildcard: Who Is The Orca?

Clues: The Wildcard was introduced during this round. This is a new twist in the competition. The Orca’s clue package referenced pizza so many times. Pizza changed his life. His dad told him if he didn’t make waves by 25, he would have to move on. He was able to improvise and delivered his audition tape in boxes of pizza. This is how he accomplished his wildest dreams. The clue package ended like a pizza commercial would.

Performance: This was the most exciting performance of the night. The Orca performed “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister. He started off the performance hovering above the stage on a suspended platform. He also knew how to work the stage and blew everyone away with the energy of the performance.

Judges Guesses: Nicole thinks it is Dave Grohl because of the rocker clues. Joel thinks it is Billy Corgan. Jenny thinks it is actor Kevin Bacon.

Who Was Revealed Tonight On ‘The Masked Singer’?

After an unforgettable night of performances, the audience got to vote for their favorite singers. The Raccoon sadly received the least amount of votes and will be unmasked. The judges got to make their final guesses for who they think is under the mask.

Ken is so certain that it is Danny DeVito under the mask. Jenny has an inkling that it is Gary Busey under the mask. Because of the boxing clues, Nicole stuck with her guess of Sylvester Stallone. Robin thinks it is Tony Danza and Joel agrees with this guess.

And The Raccoon was revealed to be…actor Danny Trejo! All of the judges missed the mark with their guesses but it made for one awesome reveal. Were you surprised with this big reveal?

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