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5 Facts About Jimmie Herrod, Sofia Vergara’s Golden Buzzer on ‘America’s Got Talent’

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Jimmie Herrod wowed Sofia Vergara during his Season 16 America’s Got Talent audition to the point that she hit her Golden Buzzer. He was able to prove Simon Cowell wrong with his song choice and is now headed straight to the live shows. After years of pursuing a career in music, his life is about to change forever. Here’s what you should know about the rising star.


1. Jimmie has Traveled Around the World Performing with Pink Martini

Jimmie worked as an adjunct professor of voice for a jazz program after studying music in college. He was a featured soloist with the Oregon Symphony’s showcase in the 2018 TedX series. Jimmie has worked with international act ODESZA and joined them for their national debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! He also started touring with the band Pink Martini regularly in 2017. Jimmie recorded his first single with Pink Martini in 2018. The song is called “Exodus.”

This led up to Jimmie doing lead vocals on the five-song EP, Tomorrow. The experienced performer toured with the band throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. In May 2021, Jimmie rejoined Pink Martini for the first time in 14 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. His favorite Pink Martini songs to perform are “Où est ma tête,” “Sunday Table,” and “Anna.”

2. He Was Inspired to Pursue Music by his Teachers

When it comes to the possibility of winning $1 million, Jimmie told us he would use the money to pay off his student loans. He encourages those who are interested in the arts to pursue their passions and believe that anything is possible. In an interview with Artslandia, Jimmie credited his teachers for giving him inspiration growing up to want to follow his musical dreams. 

“My band and choir teachers were truly inspirational, each of them taking on a parental role that I saw guide many students away from unfortunate futures,” he said. “In spite of budget cuts or a lack of school support, I think many are seeking out opportunities.”

“For those who can’t afford things like summer camps and after-school programs, I can only hope schools choose to see the validity and impact of the arts.”

3. Jimmie is Not Afraid to Step Out of the Box When it Comes to Acting Roles

Jimmie has been involved in the performing arts for years and isn’t afraid to take on roles that are traditionally played by females. In the past, he played the roles of the Queen of the Underworld in The Ballad of Ishtar and Extraordinary Girl in American Idiot. He also played the Beggar Woman in Sweeney Todd, which he credits as his “favorite character to date.”

“Despite some discomforts with others’ perception, playing women are some of the only times I’ve been able to publicly sing as a gay male (playing a woman) about a man – the love of a man, the feelings of longing – in the vocal range where my voice naturally sits,” he said. “I’ve discovered I much prefer playing women to men [and] have been taking a break from theater because it is so hard for me to feel comfortable in my skin playing male roles.”

4. He Has Been Posting Covers and Original Music on Social Media Ahead of ‘America’s Got Talent’

Just hearing Jimmie sing one song on America’s Got Talent already has us wanting more. Luckily, he has been posting covers and original songs on his Instagram throughout the pandemic. He’s even posted original songs that will literally give you chills.

As a teaser, he shared a photo taken at the Samurai Hotel Recording Studio in New York back in August. Clearly, he put his quarantine time to good use.

5. Jimmie Grew Up Surrounded By Music

Growing up, Jimmie always heard music playing in his house. However, he did feel like there were certain things that he had to hold back and couldn’t share with the world. His mom suggested that he should perform at rehab centers in high school. He realized it was a chance to do what he loved and connect with people.

“It wasn’t necessarily easy growing up and being who I am — a gay Black guy — in Tacoma,” he said in an interview with The Olympian. “There were aspects of myself that I couldn’t share in that time and place, but I would put on my headphones and listen to albums and sing, practically shouting. It was a way to express things.”

Now, Jimmie has proven to the entire world that he is a huge star. Singing in front of Cowell is not always an easy thing to accomplish. Jimmie is a professional and deserves his chance in the spotlight, and Vergara’s Golden Buzzer will finally give that to him.

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Angel Terrier
Angel Terrier
2 years ago

I  Thoroughly enjoyed this article. It was informative and and entertaining.. More personal,  told the answers to things I was interested in.  I’ve been following Jimmie on AGT and just LOVE HIM!  WHAT A VOICE!!!   I’VE NEVER HEARD A VOICE LIKE THAT ANYWHERE EVER BEFORE!!!!  Okay, I’m calm.  At my age I can’t be getting too excited.  Anyway, thanks for a great article!

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