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‘America’s Got Talent’ Auditions Continue in a Night Full of Surprises

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On Tuesday night, America’s Got Talent Season 16 returned for another night of auditions. The episode was full of surprising and downright shocking moments, including the return of a notorious danger act from the past.

Tuesday’s show also featured some incredible singers. Sofia Vergara’s Golden Buzzer went to a performer who managed to change Simon Cowell’s mind about his least favorite song.


‘The Voice’ Star Brooke Simpson on ‘America’s Got Talent’

The Voice fans were likely surprised to see 30-year-old Brooke Simpson audition for America’s Got Talent. The singer finished in third place on the NBC show on Team Miley in Season 13. She spoke of being Native American, and wanting to make her tribe in North Carolina proud.

Brooke told the judges she wants to be “the first major indigenous pop star.” Her husband Ray accompanied her on the keyboard as she performed “Cuz I Love You” by Lizzo, showing off an incredible voice. Howie Mandel described her as a “powerhouse,” and we couldn’t think of a better word.

Cowell compared Brooke to American Idol singers like Kelly Clarkson and Fantasia, but we think she’s a star in her own right. She might have missed out on winning The Voice, but could she have better luck on AGT?

Golden Buzzer Act Changes Simon Cowell’s Mind

This week, another singer earned the Golden Buzzer, putting the total at three out of four. And honestly, if it had to go to a singer, it might as well be someone like Jimmie Herrod, who managed to change Cowell’s mind about a song.

Before his audition, Jimmie told the judges that he would be singing “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie. Cowell tried to get him to change his song, saying “Tomorrow” was the “worst song in the world” according to him. However, Jimmie didn’t have anything else prepared, so Cowell had to deal with it.

It ended up working out for the best, because Cowell was blown away by Jimmie’s rendition, telling him, “It’s not my worst song anymore.” Vergara, meanwhile, pretended not to like the performance before surprising Jimmie with the Golden Buzzer.

We could totally see Jimmie belting it out on Broadway, and we’re excited to hear more of his one-of-a-kind voice as he heads into the live shows. This just leaves Heidi Klum as the last judge to hit her Golden Buzzer. Next week maybe?


Returning Danger Act Pranks Sofia Vergara


The night ended with a performance from Ryan Stock and AmberLynn, who previously appeared on America’s Got Talent in Season 11. Their act famously went wrong, with Ryan getting hit in the throat by a flaming arrow. They returned to show off more dangerous crossbow moves, and ended the performance with a mean prank against Vergara.

Vergara was blindfolded and asked to shoot a crossbow toward a balloon over Cowell’s head. While she couldn’t see what was happening, Cowell was set up with a fake arrow in his chest and lay on the floor to make it look like he’d been shot.

When Vergara took the blindfold off, she was terrified, and vowed revenge on Cowell. We kind of hope she was in on the whole thing and just pretended to be scared, because that would be pretty terrible otherwise. Some pranks just go too far.

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