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10 Times ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ Had Us In Our Feels


The Kelly Clarkson Show has had plenty of emotional moments since it debuted in 2019. In fact, the host has cried so many times that the show released a supercut of moments she broke down.

Kelly Clarkson may have a net worth in the millions, but that hasn’t stopped her from connecting with people from all walks of life. “Once I connect to people, there’s no fighting back the tears for me,” she said.


Check out a few of our favorite touching and tear-jerking moments from the show below. They include emotional stories relating to family and giving back to the community.

Most Emotional ‘Kelly Clarkson Show’ Moments

Kelly Clarkson Meets Family With Adopted Children

In one of the most moving moments on Kelly’s show, the host met a family with three adopted children. They discussed their experience as Black parents of a White son, and even got to bond with the boy’s birth father, who thanked them for adopting him.

“This is our son,” mom Keia said, referring to the two-year-old’s biological father. This was enough to make Kelly break out the tissues. “A village raises a kid,” she said as she dabbed her eyes.

Kelly Cries Over Senior Citizen’s Story

On a more recent episode, Kelly spoke to Lisa Flowers, the director of HouseProud Atlanta, which is helping senior citizens pay for home renovations during the pandemic.


Kelly also met a woman who was helped by the organization. She shared how HouseProud helped her feel safe from potential violence in her neighborhood. Kelly teared up, and announced a $5,000 donation to the organization.

Kelly Bonds With Young Man With An Absent Father

Last year, Kelly met a young man from Chicago named Isaiah who participated in the I Am A Gentleman program and turned his life around with the help of a mentor. Isaiah broke down as he talked about his experience.

Kelly also got emotional, and shared her own story of growing up without a father figure in her life. “I get the gravity of that,” she said. “And I get why you’re so emotional about it.”

Kelly Visits Skid Row Homeless Shelter

In 2019, Kelly visited a homeless shelter called Union Rescue Mission on Skid Row in Los Angeles. She teared up as she spoke to a woman named Alexandra who worked for the shelter after recovering from addiction.

Kelly also helped the charity Worthy of Love throw a birthday party for several homeless children. She also surprised Alexandra with the news that she had guaranteed admission into a college program.

Kelly Cries Over Neighbors Who Helped Find Boy And His Dog

In a powerful interview, Kelly spoke to a family whose son went missing along with his dog. Thousands of people participated in the search for six-year-old Ethan. A family friend with cancer even skipped treatment to help.


Kelly cried as she listened to the family talk about the people who helped them get their son and dog safely back home. “These are the nicest people. I’m gonna move to your town,” she said.

Kobe Bryant Surprises Basketball Coach

In 2019, just months before basketball player Kobe Bryant passed away, he appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show to surprise a high school basketball coach who had been diagnosed with cancer.

Kobe praised Coach Danny O’Fallon for the inspirational messages he shared with his athletes. “The game pales in comparison to life,” he said. The video has over a million views.

Kelly Meets Couple With Down Syndrome

Kelly spoke with a couple with Down Syndrome who went viral for a video in which they reunited at the airport. Nick and Gabi met at a conference, and their mothers arranged the surprise reunion.

Kelly set up yet another surprise for the couple, as Nick surprised Gabi on the show with flowers and chocolates. The host also surprised them with a trip to Universal Studios, and chef Wolfgang Puck offered to cook dinner for him.

Kelly Meets 11-Year-Old Real-Life Superhero

The host was proud to meet 11-year-old Elijah, who was named a “Marvel superhero” for speaking up for abused children. It started when he told an abused classmate to get help.

“There is power in your voice, even if you’re a kid,” Elijah shared, adding, “We need to make a change.” Kelly was brought to tears by his words, and donated to his cause. Guest Patti LaBelle also invited him to her concert.

Kelly Unites Family With Firefighters Who Saved Their Kids

Kelly met a family whose children were stranded on thin ice and were rescued by firefighters. She then surprised them by bringing out the firefighters who saved their kids.

Christine, the kids’ mother, sobbed as she hugged them and thanked them for what they did. Kelly also brought out the kids themselves so they had a chance to thank the firefighters as well.

Kelly Meets Family Of Miracle Baby

Kelly met a couple who went viral for a pregnancy reveal video. They had tried to have a baby for 17 years, and faced four miscarriages and a stillborn child. Kelly teared up as she listened to their story.

Their son Kaleb was born premature and with cerebral palsy. They started an organization called Baby Buns to support the families of babies in the NICU. During the interview, they got to connect with a mother who was helped by their charity.

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