Kelly Clarkson Breaks Down In Tears Listening To Senior Citizens’ Heartbreaking Story

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Kelly Clarkson broke down in tears on a recent episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show after hearing about how one guest is helping people amid the coronavirus pandemic. Kelly spoke to Lisa Flowers, the director of HouseProud Atlanta, about the incredible work she has done to help senior citizens pay for their home renovations during this difficult time in the world.

Kelly Clarkson Got Emotional During An Episode Of ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’

HouseProud primarily focuses on neighbors that are populated by seniors who are now struggling to take care of their homes. Lisa explained that a lot of the time when seniors need renovations on their homes, they can’t afford it. That’s where the HouseProud Atlanta organization comes in and raises money for these renovations.

The organization started in the 90s and continues to use volunteers from the community to work on these homes. Typically each year, the group brings out 1,000 volunteers in small groups to work on homes and beautify the neighborhood. Lisa spoke about how Atlanta is changing and a lot of investors have tried to buy houses from black homeowners. But with her organization, they hope to fix up homes and ensure these homeowners always have a place to stay.


Kelly then brought on one of the women who has been helped by HouseProud, Jane. Her house is 100 years old and she has lived in it for 30 years. The organization painted her house, fixed a leak and got rid of termites. “But the most valuable thing they did for me…there was a killing over on another street and I was told that the perpetrator ran through my yard and it scared me to death,” Jane said. “I could not sleep at night so they put up a huge fence so that I was safe once again.”

“It’s the scariest thing, you just can’t fall asleep you can’t settle unless you feel safe” Kelly said about her own experiences with break-ins.

Kelly Began Crying Along With Her Guests

“When people start looking at your home and wanting to purchase it, they come through the neighborhood like developers and we live on a fixed income” Jane added. “I’m disabled also and so when they start looking at our property if it’s undergrown or if the grass needs to be cut or something like that they report it to the city.” Jane further explained that the two scenarios that usually happen are to let them cite you or fix it and eat cat food because you can’t afford renovations.

That’s why organizations like HouseProud are so important. Jane began talking about how Lisa means so much to her. Lisa, Jane and Kelly all began tearing up during this conversation. Kelly announced that The Kelly Clarkson Show will be giving HouseProud a $5,000 donation.

“Ugh, I can’t even talk about it more, I’ll just keep crying,” Kelly said as she continued to wipe tears away from her face. “I was going to say something, but then I was, like, I won’t make it through this sentence, so I’m gonna hold back.”

Kelly also performed an emotional cover of “Another Sad Love Song” by Toni Braxton on the show. It was clear that the lyrics of the song meant a lot to her as she goes through a divorce from Brandon Blackstock.


Kelly previously announced on The Kelly Clarkson Show that she recently bought a new house to cope with divorce stress. This comes after she countersued Starstruck Management Group, owned by the Blackstock family, claiming that they defrauded her for 13 years and tacked on massive fees for her to pay. 


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