Which Coach Will WIN ‘The Voice’ Season 17?

Jill O'Rourke
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The Voice coaches have completed their teams for Season 17, and the battle rounds have already started. As the coaches start pitting their artists against each other, it’s time to start thinking about who has the strongest team.

One coach has five four-chair turns, while another artist has none. Does that mean they’re more likely to win? Not necessarily. There’s still the opportunity to steal, and a four-chair turn doesn’t guarantee a win. Let’s see how the teams are stacked up.

Team Blake Shelton on ‘The Voice

Blake has Ricky Duran, who turned all four coaches’ chairs with his performance of “River” by Leon Bridges. Ricky is 29 years old and hails from Worcester, Massachusetts. Blake complimented his tone and said he has “great stage presence.”

The rest of Blake’s team is as follows:

Cali Wilson, 28
Cory Jackson, 24
EllieMae, 21
Joana Martinez, 15
Jordan Chase, 19
Kat Hammock, 18
Marina Chello, 37
Matthew McQueen, 21
Ricky Braddy, 26
Zach Bridges, 28

Team Gwen Stefani On ‘The Voice’

At first, Gwen’s team filled up faster than her fellow coaches. However, she has no four-chair turns. Still, she does have 22-year-old Kyndal Inskeep from Nashville, who turned three chairs (with Gwen blocking Blake) for her performance of “Never Been to Spain.” Gwen complimented her vibrato and her “distinctive” style.

The rest of Gwen’s team is as follows:

Brennen Hanson, 20
Calvin Lockett, 25
Caroline Reilly, 16
Elise Azkoul, 28
Jake HaldenVang, 24
James Violet, 20
Jessie Lawrence, 31
Kiara Brown, 21
Myracle Holloway, 44
Rose Short, 34
Royce Lovett, 30

Team John Legend On ‘The Voice’

The defending champ has the most four-chair turns on his team out of all the coaches, with a whopping five. That includes 28-year-old Mendeleyev from Santa Barbara, who performed “Girl From the North Country” by Bob Dylan. John called his tone “so rich and so beautiful.”

The rest of John’s team is as follows (with four-chair turns bolded):

Dane & Stephanie, 21
Destiny Rayne, 23
Jared Herzog, 21
Katie Kadan, 38
Khalea Lynee, 36
Marybeth Byrd, 18
Matt New, 29
Max Boyle, 23
Preston C. Howell, 14
Will Breman, 25
Zoe Upkins, 16

Team Kelly Clarkson On ‘The Voice’

Kelly has two four-chair turns on her team, including 20-year-old country singer Brennan Lassiter from South Carolina, who performed a unique version of “You Are My Sunshine.” Kelly literally begged Brennan not to choose Blake, and it paid off.

The rest of Kelly’s team is as follows (with four-chair turns bolded):

Alex Guthrie, 25
Brooke Stephenson, 28
Damali, 16
Gracee Shriver, 16
Hello Sunday, 13 & 14
Injoy Fountain, 29
Jake Hoot, 30
Lauren Hall, 25
Melinda Rodriguez, 23
Shane Q, 28
Steve Knill, 37

Which coach do you think has the strongest team? Do you think you know who will win the whole competition? Do you just have a favorite you can’t wait to see more from? Let us know in the comments.

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