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What Really Happened to ‘The X Factor’ Revival, Is It Still Coming to NBC Soon?

Simon Cowell at 'The X Factor' Judges Press Conference 2013Photo by Mike Pont/Getty Images

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In December 2022, Simon Cowell revealed that he was in talks with NBC to revive The X Factor USA. For those who may not know, this singing competition aired on Fox from 2011-2013 before being canceled. Cowell created the format, which was hugely successful in the UK. However, since his initial announcement about bringing The X Factor back, things have gone quiet. Fans are wondering if Cowell’s revival plan fell through.

No Official Deal Has Been Made Between Simon Cowell, NBC

When Cowell first discussed the potential revival of The X Factor USA, he was very vague and did not provide any concrete details. He simply mentioned that he was “in talks” with NBC regarding the show’s potential return.

Cowell did not offer any specifics about production timelines, judges, hosts, or anything else that one would expect if a network deal was secured. The casual tone of the US announcement seemed more like tossing out an idea rather than announcing a real plan.

On Reddit recently, fans debated whether Cowell’s proposed revival of The X Factor USA is still happening. A Reddit user started the discussion by asking, “Is an X Factor reboot still coming to NBC soon?”

Others quickly joined in questioning the lack of news since Cowell’s initial announcement. User Desertfreak10 speculated that if it’s still happening, the earliest would likely be the fall of 2024 after America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League ends. However, without any word of audience ticketing, they think NBC may have passed on the reboot idea.

Additionally, NBC itself has not confirmed acquiring rights to The X Factor or having any formal agreement with Cowell. The network typically announces new programming clearly through official press releases. The ongoing silence from NBC indicates early talks with Cowell likely never progressed past initial discussions.

Cowell is Now Focused on Creating a Brand New Show

In recent comments, Cowell seemingly did a complete about-face regarding The X Factor revival. When asked about plans for the show’s 20th anniversary, he pivoted to say he now wants to launch an entirely new program instead of bringing back The X Factor. He made no further mention of NBC or the previously teased US return.

This suggests that after the initial announcement, Cowell realized reviving an aging franchise like The X Factor would not work and has moved on to new ideas. The lack of follow-up points to the US revival being speculation that fizzled out behind the scenes.

Unless Cowell or NBC confirm a real deal, fans should not expect to see The X Factor return to the United States airwaves soon, despite the Reddit speculation. The revival seems to have faded away, with Cowell now focused on new ventures.

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