‘LEGO Masters’ Gets its Own Parade Route for Season Two Premiere

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The long wait is over! LEGO Masters season two premiered last night and it’s looking to be bigger and better the second time around. Host Will Arnett joined by the brick masters Jamie Berard and Amy Corbett ushered in 12 new teams of talented LEGO artists hoping to win the $100,000 and title of LEGO Masters.

More celebrity guests, more awkward moments with Arnett, and more challenges lie ahead for this exciting season. With the golden brick that grants immunity on the line, the first challenge had teams “parading” their best LEGO techniques to impress the judges. 

LEGO Day Parade Kicks Off Season Two

What better way to kick off a momentous occasion than with a grand parade. In the season-opening challenge, the builders had to construct grand parade floats that represent their personalities as LEGO artists. The brick masters were looking for the floats to make a spectacle and had to present some form of movement within the design. With 14 hours on the clock and a lot to figure out, the teams wasted no time getting to their workstations. 

The teams have different dynamics and inspirations, which lead to so many unique ideas for their floats. Some focused on their heritage like brothers Zack & Wayne. Others honored their families like brother and sister motorcycle enthusiasts Jack & Dawn. Even a little hometown pride inspired teams like the father and son duo Tim & Zach.

With the time ticking away, the pressure only mounted. It’s challenging enough to build imaginative, large-scale LEGO models but adding movement presents its own set of challenges. For some, the movement came easily and others struggled to figure out all the mechanics in time. After building for 14 hours, it was time to bring their floats to the parade grounds to be judged.


The Brick Masters’ Top and Bottom Teams

Brick masters Berard and Corbett saw a lot they were pleased with in the teams’ parade floats. There were two teams however that combined great building skills with flawless execution of movement. The judges thought highly of the parade floats presented by Zack & Wayne and Mark & Steve. Both teams delivered such smooth, articulated motion in such a small amount of time. It was Zack & Wayne that came out on top winning the coveted golden brick and the power of future immunity. 

Unfortunately, when there’s a top there’s a bottom. In this challenge, the husband and wife pair of Phillip & Maria and the moms, Susan & Jen were the first teams to find themselves in the bottom two. It’s never good to face elimination in the first challenge and as Arnett dramatically prepares to deliver the bad news to one team, brick master Corbett corrects him announcing that no one would be going home. 

Having dodged elimination and learning what it takes to win the hard way, will these two teams have the skills it takes to bounce back?

Catch the next episode of ‘LEGO Masters’ next Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.


Matthew Honda
Matthew Honda

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