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What is RuPaul Trying to Tell us in Strange New Video?

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RuPaul Charles posted a candid video on his Instagram and TikTok thanking “Richard, Lisa, and Brian” for their sweet message. What? Who are these people? Immediately, something seemed off about this strange message. The drag icon wasn’t wearing his signature glasses, and he seemed very confused, so what is he really trying to tell us?

During this video, he mentions working in Los Angeles, CA. He also shared that he hopes to see them soon, but currently doesn’t have plans to travel to France at the moment. Instead of saying when he could make these plans, he mentioned that he is going to New Zealand and to England.

This video is awkward, it feels like something we weren’t meant to see. It was extremely conversational and left a lot of people wondering what the heck is going on.

Fans quickly caught on that this love-filled message might not have made it to the correct recipient. Instead, they began to drag him in the comments for not knowing which app he actually opened. Instead of Mama Ru, fans began to call the drag icon Grandma Ru in the comments.

A lot of RuPaul fans had theories about this video and why it’s publically posted. Some thought he meant to send it over Instagram direct messages:

“I think Mama was meant to send this video message privately,” said one fan.

When others thought he meant to upload it to Cameo. Even the app’s team was confused as to why this video wasn’t posted in Cameo.

“… wrong app,” the Cameo team commented on TikTok.

Some fans have joked saying it might be a hostage situation considering RuPaul is lacking his signature attire. Typically, when this drag star posts videos he’ll wear his glasses and a nice collared shirt with a suit coat. It’s completely out of character to have no glasses and be wearing sweats.

Could RuPaul be Trying to Tell us Something?

Many fans noticed that RuPaul is wearing a hat with the flag of Mexico on it. They also noticed that the drag queen mentioned going to New Zealand in the near future. Fans think both of these details are key in this video.

“New Zealand… so drag race down under s2 is about to start filming…” said one fan in the TikTok comments.

As some RuPaul’s Drag Race fans might know, RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under is a spin-off where three kiwis fight against seven Australians for the title of Down Under Drag Queen Superstar. The first season of this series aired last January and crowned Kita Mean as the first winner.

“Mexico hat, hint hint, Drag Race Mexico coming soon,” said another fan.

Currently, Mexico has a show named La Más Draga. The show pulls inspiration from RuPaul’s Drag Race and has a similar format. Although there has been no confirmation, there has been plenty of speculation that RuPaul wants to expand to Mexico following this show’s success. Considering he didn’t directly talk about Mexico, it’s possible that’s why he wore the hat.

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