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The acrobatic wonderment of Zurcaroh gained them international fame after taking the America’s Got Talent stage. After earning a Golden Buzzer on “La France a un incroyable talent,” the troupe set their sights on the bigger AGT stage. In season 13, they auditioned and were able to repeat the Golden feat. Seeing the gold again made them the first act in Got Talent history to receive a Golden Buzzer both on AGT and an international version of the franchise. An act this impressive can’t just stop there. What’s the latest from Zurcaroh following their success?

The Midas Act

The act begins and the troupe of 30+ non-professionals take their places. An ominous scene starts the act, as torch-wielding, cloaked figures enter the stage in some ritualistic fashion. As the routine begins to take shape, we can see why this was a Golden Buzzer act.

Zurcaroh performances are as artistic and expressive as they are exhilarating. The troop cohesively move to deliver acrobatic maneuvers and high flying tosses. A stunning sequence at one point makes it appear as if dancers are cartwheeling across the arms of others. Human towers, 30ft aerials, and even a freaky human jump rope section add to the shock of the routine. They close out the number to a standing ovation.

Judges were so amazed by the act. Tough critic Simon Cowell, joked it was just okay as he sat in awe. The performance left Howie Mandel at a loss for words. All four judges had the same thing to say about it and that was just “WOW!”

Simon added it was “one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen on any of these shows.” As host, Tyra Banks listened to the judge’s comment she seemed to get antsy. Just before moving to vote, she rushes on stage to dramatically halt the action.

Making her way to the judge’s table, she exclaims “This is so crazy that you know what I have to do?!” and gave them the Golden Buzzer.

Zurcaroh went on to finish as the runner-up of season 13. They were only to be bested by the mystical illusions of Shin Lim.

Golden Opportunities From The Buzz

Following their AGT spotlight, the troupe graced many international stages. The acrobats performed live for the opening ceremony of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations. Also making several television appearances throughout Europe. Most notably getting to perform for the royal family on the “Royal Variety Performance.”

Their AGT Golden Buzzer act is one of the most viral in the show’s history. With over 420 million views, it lands them #2 on the “AGT: 15th Anniversary Special” list.

In October, they performed on the French program “Spectaculaire,” marking their first public appearance since the pandemic. The routine was a brilliant return performance, made more stunning with support from Cirque du Soleil and Swarovsky Crystals.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, performances came to a stop, but their social feeds show they’ve continued to rehearse. The troupe does offer private bookings through their website. The troupe does try to give back to its Brazilian roots. They carry out various social projects hoping to inspire change through dance for the youth of Brazil. You can find out more info on how to support their cause on the group’s website.

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