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Which ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Are You Most Like? Take this Quiz to Find Out

Taylor Fox

Taylor Fox

AGT judgesTrae Patton/NBC

America’s Got Talent has made it to the finals this season. The judges this year have certainly let their personalities shine through. Suddenly, Howie Mandel is the mean judge and Simon Cowell is the softie? As our beloved judges continue to surprise us, take this quiz to see who you are most like!

With the finals starting next week, this season is really heating up. This past week, early frontrunners Peter Rosalita and Michael Winslow were shockingly eliminated.

Not to mention some incredibly harsh words were said by Mandel, who is really angering fans this season. He ripped into YouTube star Madilyn Bailey after her performance of an original song Tuesday.

“I didn’t think that was anything,” he said. “I think that you’re in the same lane as Tory.”

Fans thought he went over the top with his criticism, but Madilyn and Tory were both eliminated. Will Mandel continue to be the mean judge this season, or will he chill out as we enter the finals?

Catch AGT Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC to find out!

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