Watch Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon and Heidi Klum On ‘AGT Champions’ Day 1 Of Taping

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In January we saw performances by our favorite AGT winners and we were hooked. The best Got Talent performers from around the world competed on America’s Got Talent: The Champions and we want more, we always want more! So NBC announced season 2 of AGT: The Champions and yesterday they started filming for it.

AGT: the Champions Judges

BREAKING: NEW Judges Lineup For America’s Got Talent Champions

Simon Cowell is coming back, so is Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum, yay! But instead of Mel B, this year will see Britian’s Got Talent judge, Alesha Dixon on the panel.

Mel B Congratulates New Judge Alisha Dixon

You see, Mel was just busy and there is no bad blood. Do you hear me Reddit community?

In a recent British television interview Mel B talked about getting away from Hollywood for the “country and nature” of her family home in Leeds, Northern England. So maybe she’s doing just that!

Simon Cowell and Alesha Dixon Shade David Williams

Here are some behind the scene footage of AGT Champion and Alesha and Simon have been poking fun at David William, the other judge from Britain’s Got Talent. While Alesha gave a shout out to David and did have Simon talk about him on camera, Heidi Klum had no idea who David William was. O-U-C-H!

To make matters worse, Howie Mandel put out this video and we are laughing with you!

Become A Superfan On AGT

On each episode of America’s Got Talent: The Champions, one of the advancing acts is decided by whichever judge happens to have the power of the Golden Buzzer that week, while the other is decided by a select group of audience members who vote at the taping after all of the acts have performed. These voters are called “superfans” and are selected as representation of whichever U.S. state they most identify with.


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