WATCH Male Pole Dancer Break Stereotypes On ‘Sweden’s Got Talent’

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By day, Slava Ruza is a banker, but by night, he is one of the world’s greatest pole dancers. He competed on Sweden’s Got Talent completely breaking stereotypes about all pole dancers and slayed his routine. Check out one of his most memorable performances below.

Slava Ruza Showed Insane Pole Dancing Skills On ‘Sweden’s Got Talent’

Slava is originally from Latvia and has been dancing for over a decade and taken on all different styles. He even performed at the Eurovision Song Contest and on tour with several famous artists. Eventually, Slava discovered pole dancing in 2013 and it became a huge part of his life. After intense training, he took his pole dancing talents abroad. He came to Sweden’s Got Talent to show people the art of pole dancing in an innovative way.

After soaring through the audition round, Slava wanted to do an even more dramatic routine for the Semi-Finals. Illuminated under a blue spotlight, Slava literally looked like he was swimming in this spectacular routine. The amount of control he demonstrated was unmatched. He received a standing ovation from all four judges and they all agreed that he was “fantastic.”


“It feels like I’m actually opening a wider door to a newer audience,” he said before his next performance after making it to the Finals. He was exactly right. He wanted to show that pole dance could be athletic and artistic. Slava danced around a stage illuminated by fire and ended up being one of the top eight finalists of the season. Singer Micke Holm actually ended up winning season nine of Sweden’s Got Talent.

If you are completely mind blown by Slava’s skills on Sweden’s Got Talent, check out some other amazing pole dancers in our compilation below. He is just one of many that have broken stereotypes and proved that pole dancing is an art form that requires a ton of athleticism and strength.

Where Is He Now?

After wrapping Sweden’s Got Talent in 2019, Slava spoke about the experience on Instagram. “Thank you everyone who supported me through this journey and to all the people who gave their votes for me,” he wrote. “My last routine was very unusual for me and I went through some real surviving moments but nevertheless it’s a worthy life experience.”

 “I walked the path from the hesitation of me being relevant for this audience to the point where I felt that without pole dance act it wouldn’t be complete. All talents are worthy!!! But some talents are still more acceptable” he told us exclusively.

Slava performed at the ExoticMoon competition this year in Turin, Italy. “Performance this year is a luxury!” he shared with his followers. “I feel more than privileged to feel the stage these crazy times.”

“What made me fall in love with pole dance is how different it is from everything I tried before,” he told Talent Recap. “You know it has everything you need in one package. It makes you strong physically cause it’s a damn hard exercise but it also gives you a lot of self-confidence.”

He continues to post videos of some of his most mesmerizing moves and tricks that you could easily sit and watch for hours on end. It is clear Slava isn’t afraid to push boundaries and try new things.


Would you like to see more pole dancers on ‘Got Talent’ shows as it has become widely recognized as an art form?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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