This Dancer’s Bones Are Made Out Of Jell-O On ‘BGT’ [VIDEO]

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Shakirudeen Adewale Alade or as his friends call him, Junior, put on one epic bone-breaking performance during his 2015 audition for Britain’s Got Talent. His act, called Bonetics, was everything you would imagine it to be. Check out his ‘BGT’ audition below that will probably make your joints hurt from just watching it.

Bonetics Shined During His Bone Crunching ‘BGT’ Audition

Bonetics turned to dance because it helped him overcome some of his behavioral issues. The 17-year-old would get into a lot of trouble at school and lacked self-confidence. But then, he found dance. “It’s really helped me grow as a person and get better,” he said before performing. “When I’m dancing I feel free.”

He began his act with some crazy moves which immediately showed off his flexibility. Bending his arms in every which way imaginable and putting his legs behind his head had the judges wincing but in a good way. This is definitely the kind of performance where you want to look away but stare at the same time. “Usually that kind of thing cringes me out but for some reason with you, it didn’t at all” Alesha Dixon said. “I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. That was incredible.”


“I could see it in your eyes what it meant to you and all sorts of things you’ve obviously been through you’ve now turned to positives,” Amanda Holden said. “It was an amazing very different performance than anything we’ve ever seen before.” Simon Cowell called it “one of the most incredible things we’ve ever seen on this show.”

David Walliams also praised Bonetics for channeling all of his emotions into the performance. He recieved four yes’s and made it through to the Semi-Finals where he performed in a birdcage. He was later eliminated from the competition.

Where Is He Now?

Bonetics has actually become a yoga master after his time on Britain’s Got Talent. He continues his unique art form and puts it on full display for his 25,900 Instagram followers.

Bonetics even posted a video putting his sunglasses on with his feet. Who else could do that?

He previously posted in 2018 that he worked as a stuntman on a $100 million film in China. “It was not easy at all having no experience in being an actor or stuntman,” he said. “But with hours of training everyday progression was made and I was able to adapt my craft with the skills I was being taught. I’m very grateful to have been given such a big opportunity to play one of the main roles in the movie.”

The dancer was also a judge at the Fusion Concept 2017 World Final In Paris. Now it seems like he is really honing in on his skillset and establishing a huge online presence.


What did you think of Bonetics’ ‘BGT’ audition? It is one of the most-watched auditions of all time.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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