The Voice Recap: Live Playoffs Night 2


We’re back for Night 2 of The Voice Live Playoffs and they did not disappoint. Team Alicia and Team Blake perform tonight, while Team Blake and Team Kelly will finish off the playoffs tomorrow. Their votes tonight will determine whether or not they’ll be moving on to the Top 12. Let’s get into Night 2’s performances.

Team Blake:

Spensha Baker

Performing to the song Smoke Break, Spensha was strong and confident throughout the duration of the song. Though her genre is country, she’s able to pull off several categories which may be her door to move onto the next round.


Wilkes quite literally dropped the mic with his performance to Don’t Speak by Gwen Stefani. Great song choice on his part and a great way to win brownie points with his coach, Blake Shelton. Alicia Keys says he stands out in the entire competition because of his ridiculous range. Adam tells him he’s going to steal his mic drop move. And, his coach Blake says he’s an absolute pro and wants to see him continue in this competition. It looks like this performance was a win for Wilkes!

Pryor Baird 

Pryor decided to perform the song 9 to 5. Adam says he belongs on the show because of his originality when singing.  Blake says that out of every contestant, he is asked about Pryor the most and it’s hard for him to imagine him not moving on in the competition.

Austin Giorgio

Singing the song Love Yourself, Austin took to the stage with his usual classic tune and maturity in his voice. It’s shocking that he is only 21 years old with so much depth to his voice. He received a standing ovation from the judges with Alicia complimenting his classic style. His coach Blake tells him he’s earned his place moving forward on this show because of his originality.

Gary Edwards

Singing the classic, America The Beautiful, Gary makes his presence known. His versatility is strong considering the fact that just Monday night he was singing a Bruno Mars song. Blake says that tonight’s song choice was a big move on his part and that he’s left his all out on the stage.

Team Alicia:

Terrence Cunningham

In usual Terrence style, he sang Aint Nobody with a calm, cool, and collected vibe for the first half of the show. Halfway through the song, he changed the tone of the performance by adding more energy and background music. Adam thinks his performance capability is from another planet and that Terrence is the root of what the show epitomizes, which is originality. Alicia is clearly incredibly impressed with his performance and urges America to vote for Terence because he creates his own music, and marches to the beat of his own drum. She says that anyone who loves music and the way it makes you feel, to vote for Terrence because he is a genuine artist.

Christiana Danielle

Singing Take Me To Church, Christiana doesn’t hold back at all. Her fierceness is not only in her appearance but in her singing and performance. Kelly is pretty much speechless when first asked her opinion but gathers up the words real quick. She says that she thinks Christiana might be the greatest person on this show and is the one to beat. Her coach, Alicia, says that Christiana is a special soul, a goddess who is so pure and bright. She urges America to vote by saying we will never hear a Christiana voice anywhere we go because she is an original.

Jackie Foster

Singing Alone with heart and soul, Jackie brings her A-game in this performance. Alicia says that America should vote for Jackie because she has a clear sense of who she is and can effortlessly perform in a genuine, unique and flawless way.

Kelsea Johnson

Performing Need You Bad, Kelsea brings her R&B style to the stage and was so entertaining to watch. Alicia says she’s one of a kind and cannot be compared.

Johnny Bliss

Bringing an Adele song to the stage, Johnny performs One and Only. Alicia tells America to vote for him because he’s incredibly versatile and has the most beautiful energy. He has a one of a kind voice that is so powerful and unique.

Another full night of incredible performances! Who do you think will be joining the Top 12? Let us know in the comments below!

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