WATCH ‘The Voice’ Recap: Which Top 10 Contestants Stood Out For The Semifinals?

We’re one week away from ‘The Voice’ Season 17 Semifinals and the competition continues to get stronger than ever. Tonight, the Top 10 took on “Challenge Week” where they had the opportunity to tackle a song that represented a challenge in their journey to becoming a well-rounded artist. So, which artists made a statement loud enough to earn their seat in the semi-finals?

Rose Short (Team Gwen) 

Starting off the show on a strong note is Rose Short on Gwen’s team. Ironically, her song choice was “God’s Country” by none other than the Voice’s own Blake Shelton. Gwen joked that she was going to win the show using her boyfriend’s song and she may be right. Rose’s performance was very solid giving the approval of even Blake himself. He said that her performance made him rethink his entire arrangement because she performed it so well.

Marybeth Byrd (Team Legend)

Performing to the powerful hit “Lose You to Love Me” by Selena Gomez was not an easy task as Gwen pointed out those songs that are specific to the artist are hard to do. However, Marybeth knocked it out of the park and made the song her own. Kelly Clarkson told her that she has a way of making people hang onto every note she sings. Her coach John was thrilled with her performance and said that this was her most artistic performance. 

Kat Hammock (Team Blake) 

Kat’s performance to “You’re Still the One” brought all the coaches our of their seat for a standing ovation, so it’s safe to say that it was well-received. Gwen called her performance magical and original, while her coach Blake said that this was his new favorite performance of hers. 

Shane Q (Team Kelly)

After being in the bottom two last week, Shane had a lot to bring to the table in order to make it to the semifinals. He performed to the song Caribbean Queen and had great feedback from his coach Kelly. She said that she feels like he’s finally coming out of his shell and performing to the same standard as his vocal skills.

Jake Hoot (Team Kelly)

It’s no secret that Jake is a fan favorite, and with his performance to “That Ain’t My Truck,” he continues to soar in this competition. Gwen told him that she felt this was his best performance and believes that he’s a true country song. Meanwhile, Blake gave his blessings and finally came to the acceptance that Kelly is his coach. Kelly sang praises about having Jake on her team and told him that she felt like the audience was watching his own show.

Joana Martinez (Team Gwen)

Joana took on the challenge of singing Christina Aguilera’s song “Impossible,” which is full of high notes but she took them all like a champ. John Legend told her that he felt her confidence was beyond her years, while her coach Gwen said that she has to keep reminding herself that Joana just turned 16. She had an incredible performance that may have earned her a spot in the semi-finals.

Katie Kadan (Team Legend)

Taking on the challenge of an Adele song, Katie spoke about the times in her life where she felt like she needed to hide who she was because she felt small. Now, she feels free to be exactly who she is and took that confidence to the stage tonight to perform the song “Rolling in the Deep.” You could say the audience loved it given that every coach gave her a standing ovation. Her coach, John, was glowing with pride and told her that all everyone tells him is how much they love her on the show.

Hello Sunday (Team Kelly)

Hello Sunday brought an emotional twist to the evening as their coach Kelly Clarkson was left in tears after their performance to “Stone Cold” by Demi Lovato. She tells the audience that they do not know the depth of the conversation that was had the day of rehearsal and that the pair did an incredible job.

Ricky Duran (Team Blake)

Ricky performed to “Born Under a Bad Sign” and left his coach Blake standing up during the majority of his performance. He tells the audience that he wants everyone to rewind Ricky’s performance and try to find anything that isn’t magical. Blake declares that Ricky must be in the finale.

Will Breman (Team Legend)

Closing out the show with a fun and energetic performance to “My Body,” Will definitely did not hold back. Kelly told him that she will show up to any gigs that he has because she enjoyed watching him so much. Meanwhile, his coach John told him that this was his biggest performance.

So who do you believe stood out during the Top 10 performances? Sound off in the comments below!

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