WATCH: ‘The Voice’ Top 11 Perform to their Fans’ Requests

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Season 17 of The Voice continues as fans have a major play in this week’s episode. The Top 11 perform to their fans’ song choice, and for some, it worked in their favor while for others it was a questionable choice. Tomorrow one contestant will be sent home, highlighting the season’s Top 10. After last week’s shocking eliminations nobody is secure.

The Voice Top 11 Performances

Let’s break down tonight’s performances and see who gained the judges’ attention.

Katie Kadan (Team Legend)“Without You”

Starting off the show with a strong start, Katie performs to ”Without You,” the song her fans from Chicago chose for her. Kelly Clarkson told her that she had the perfect amount of emotion while her coach John said that he pittied anyone that had to sing after her. This definitely was a solid performance for Katie and the judges were incredibly taken away with her powerful notes.


Kat Hammock (Team Blake) “I’ll Fly Away”

Performing to the song “I’ll Fly Away,” Kat seemed to have the perfect song choice pairing as this fit her voice in such a beautiful way. Gwen gushed over how she loved her originality, while her coach Blake told her that the performance was “magic.”

Shane Q (Team Kelly) “Mercy”

Shane took the stage performing his fan’s song choice of “Mercy.” John Legend mentioned that he felt Shane’s performance had both strong confidence in his vocals as well as his stage presence, whereas in the past he hasn’t felt his stage presence as much. He said this was his best performance, while his coach Kelly agreed and mentioned that he has so much soul that’s waiting to get out and has arrived tonight during this performance.

Joana Martinez (Team Gwen) “Dreaming of You”

Joana celebrated her sixteenth birthday with her performance in the classic song “Dreaming of You.” Her former coach, Blake, admitted that letting her go was the worst decision he could have made because she continues to improve every week. Gwen agreed with Blake saying she felt that gaining Joana on her team was a gift that Blake gave her.

Will Breman (Team Legend), “Light My Fire”

Performing to “Light My Fire,” Will received great feedback from the coaches. Blake mentioned that he never loved that song choice until now, crediting Will to a great performance while his coach John said that he is continually impressed with his musicality.

Rose Short (Team Gwen) “Maybe I’m Amazed”

Rose performed to “Maybe I’m Amazed”  and boy, did she amaze every eye watching tonight’s performance. Not only did she receive a standing ovation from the judges, but fans on twitter mentioned that this performance moved her to a front runner spot. Her coach, Gwen said she was moved to tears while Kelly Clarson blurted out “that was from the Lord!” So, it’s safe to say that the coaches loved her performance. 

Hello Sunday (Team Kelly)

America’s favorite duo, Hello Sunday, performed to the song “The Middle.” Blake told them that he talked about them to the press earlier that day and that he cannot brag about them enough. Meanwhile, their coach Kelly said they sing like women but they’re fun like fourteen-year-olds. She compliments them for being so talented and ready at such a young age.

Myracle Holloway (Team Gwen)

Bringing some soul to the stage tonight is Myracle Holloway with her performance of “Everybody Hurts.” John complimets her for living out her story and impacting so many people along the way. Her coach, Gwen, comments that she loves Myracle’s ability to live in the moment.

Marybeth Byrd (Team Legend) “Stars”

Marybeth had quite the fan base as it seemed almost her entire town was on TV cheering her on. Her performance of “Stars” is the perfect choice for her vocals and fit for her tone. She had her big moment last week when she broke down in tears, but this week she came through with her vocals. Her coach, John, mentions that he thought this was one of her best performances so far.

Jake Hoot: (Team Kelly)

Performing to “Every Light in the House,” it is clear that Jake has a strong fan base. He was the top streamed artist last week, which means his votes are doubled by five. His coach, Kelly comments that every time he sings she is reminded of every part of her childhood that she loved.

Ricky Duran (Team Blake)

Last but not least, Ricky received quite the praise from his mentors after his performance to “Downtown Train.” With John Legend telling him that he forgets he’s a contestant because he already feels like an artist. And his coach, Blake, telling him that he’s already getting people in the business who are reaching out and wanting to work with him. It’s no secret that Ricky will make it far in this competition.


That’s it for tonight’s performances! Who do you believe is this season’s current front runner? Leave your predictions in the comments below.

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