Top 10 Talent Show Fashion Statements Of 2018 – You Betta Werk!

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2018 might be coming to a close but these talent show looks will forever be imprinted in our minds. Here’s 10 times talent judges and contestants alike SLAYED in the style department.

  1. Sharaya J – Every week The Four contestant WERKED the stage…not only with her voice, but with her style as well. Honestly, I just tuned in to get fashion tips. Red is CLEARLY this girls color, I mean can we all look this good please? Sharaya girl who is your stylist?Sharaya J
  2. Fergie – Fergalicious definition make the boys go loco…and the girls because Fergie ALWAYS serves LEWKS on The Four. This woman puts all the boys to shame in her menswear inspired suit. Red is obviously the color of the season, I need a statement piece like this in my wardrobe!                                                                            Fergie-Orange-Jumpsuit-Talent-Recap-The-Four-2
  3. Brynn Cartelli – Brynnions…what would this countdown be without The Voice queen Brynn Cartelli? A pure tragedy! Cartelli always looks amaze in anything she puts on but her finale dress truly takes the cake. The Walk My Way singer was in fact the lady in red in her Jovani ball gown. Brynn Cartelli
  4. Kelly Clarkson – The original American Idol always looks the when it comes to fashion and beauty. I truly can’t even choose just one outfit, because she always looks phenomenal. If anything I would say Kelly was the queen of sparkles this year. I just love you pop queen!                                                                   the-voice-finale-kelly-clarkson-jpg
  5. Kennedy Holmes – The 13…now 14 year old queen that stole the hearts of America. Kennedy is a true gem and always brings gems of style to the stage. My personal fav look from this season was from Kennedy’s finale performance. Beychella 2.0 anyone? As she walked down her name stage Kennedy took the crowd by storm in her sequined blue attire with fire shoes to match. I cannot wait to see Kennedy’s career and style flourish, don’t sleep on her! Kennedy Holmes
  6. Heidi Klum – When you think of the word glam, America’s Got Talent judge Heidi Klum definitely comes to mind. It’s no surprise that she’s apart of this countdown, I mean she’s a Victoria’s Secret Model for goodness sake. Back at it again with the red suit! All eyes were on the model as she rocked this sparkly little number! Heidi Klum Americas Got Talent
  7. Luke Bryan – He’s more than a lil bit country, and this wouldn’t be a proper countdown without him! I mean, who can make a plain button down look this good? Luke Bryan that’s who! I can’t wait to see what looks he brings on the upcoming season of Idol.                                        luke bryan
  8. Adam Levine – This Voice judge always shoots for the stars when it comes to fashion. Besides the fact that Adam is hotter than hell, he always kills in the style department. The switch up king even changes his hair making us all consider going grey? blue? Whatever it is Adam looks amazing!                                                                       
  9. Catie Turner – Idols Bubbly, spunky, and all around goofball, Catie Turner definitely has her own sense of style that you can’t help but adore. Move over Katy Perry…there’s a new Catie in town, and her style beats all of the rest. Turner proves that being yourself is the only way to go, and represents that through her quirky statement pieces. Its hard to pick just one look because Catie ALWAYS brought it! Catie-Turner
  10. Sandy Redd – You didn’t actually think I was going to leave out the style ICON of 2018 did you? Redd #blessed us with her beautiful style and grace each week. From head to toe Redd ALWAYS came through with the fashion. My personal fav look is when Sandy took to the stage looking like an actual angel. Get this, Redd does her own hair! I wanna know if I can get an appointment girl? Although Redds Voice dreams were cut short, we have no doubts this woman is going to go so far in the entertainment world. SandyRedd-the-voice

2018 brought looks to kill, what were some of your favorite fashion statements of the year?


Lauren Ashley Beck
Lauren Ashley Beck

Lauren Ashley Beck is a writer and host for Talent Recap. Our resident “Survivor,” Lauren landed in LA by way of Michigan. She is a communications graduate with a passion for storytelling, hosting, and people. When she’s not working, you can catch Lauren watching true crime shows and eating an entire bag of hot Cheetos.

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