Top 10 Sexiest Aerial Acts on ‘Got Talent’ Shows Around the World

Jill O'Rourke
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We’ve seen a lot of incredible aerial acts on Got Talent shows around the world over the years, including some performed by couples and even trios. Let’s take a look back at some of the most breathtaking (and sexy) examples over the years.

Sexiest Aerial Acts on ‘Got Talent’ Around the World

1. Danila Bim

Danila auditioned for Season 16 of AGT with a unique aerial routine in which she hung from the ceiling by only her hair. She appeared to almost be levitating as she danced across the stage and flew through the air. She ended the routine by spinning quickly in midair, shocking the judges, who gave her a standing ovation.

2. Elizaveta Krutikova

In 2021, this former star of Ukraine’s version of The Bachelor took the stage on Ukraine’s Got Talent to perform an acrobatic routine in which she swung from a hoop hanging from the ceiling. Elizaveta showed off incredible balance and flexibility, at one point even hanging from the hoop by just one foot.

3. Duo A & J

This couple, named Alex and Julia, auditioned for Series 13 of BGT with a gorgeous routine in which they hung from the ceiling by straps, embracing each other and seeming to dance in midair. The audience gasped as they performed the dangerous moves. At one point, Julia hung from a strap held only by Alex’s teeth.

4. Keeva Air Candy

In 2018, this performer showed off a graceful aerial silks routine, earning applause from the judges and audience as she performed. She almost reached the lights on the theater’s ceiling at one point, finishing the performance with a dangerous-looking drop that she pulled off flawlessly.

5. Vivianna Rossi

In Season 17 of AGT, this performer included water in her aerial routine. She started the routine in a full bathtub and then splashed water around her as she danced midair while hanging by a strap. Throughout the performance, Vivianna moved in and out of the tub, at one point flipping her hair and spraying host Terry Crews with water off stage.

6. Uvsense

In 2017, this couple auditioned for Russia’s Got Talent with an elegant routine that began with them dancing and then moved onto a hanging hoop. The pair spun in the air and hung with their legs out, creating beautiful shapes together. They ended the performance in an embrace.

7. Angie

This performer took a quirky approach to her aerial hoop routine, starting the performance with audio from Alice in Wonderland. She moved her body into unusual positions and wore a fierce expression as she continue the performance, accented by her shadow on the wall.

8. Duo Mico

Before auditioning for AGT Season 17, this duo performed on China’s Got Talent, showing off an aerial routine that was almost like a battle in midair. The judges were stunned by the dangerous moves, as the performers spun upside down.

9. Trillium

We don’t see many aerialist trios on talent shows, but this one blew the judges away in 2022 on Canada’s Got Talent. They performed a dramatic, synchronized routine in which they hung by their feet from a hoop. The group ended the routine by hanging onto each other in midair.

10. Oleg Tatarynov

This performer started his routine on a flying pole hanging from the ceiling, and then he moved into a bathtub on stage, splashing water all over while doing flips and handstands. He ended the performance swinging from the ceiling by a strap, wowing the judges.

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