‘The Voice’ Week Three Of Blind Auditions Heats Up

Lauren Mnayarji | Talent Recap

It’s week three of The Voice Blind Auditions and tonight did not disappoint. It was filled with perfect coach pairings, and intense rivalry between the coaches, and a surprise proposal from one of the artists. Yes, that’s right, there’s an engagement that happened on The Voice stage. Tonight was filled with surprises, so let’s break it down!

Beth Griffith-Manley (Team Kelly) 

Starting off the show with a bang was Beth Griffith-Manley performing the song  Until You Come Back to Me. Beth is no stranger to the music world as she was a former background singer and came from a family of musicians. Blake knew that her talent wasn’t just a hobby and asked her if she was a full time musician, while Kelly campaigned hard to get Beth on her team. It definitely worked, because the two females are joining forces and Beth is Team KC! 

Selkii (Team Blake) 

This South African singer is about to represent her country on this season of the voice. Her performance to I Try turned the heads of rivalry coaches Blake and Adam. Kelly says that she is unique in the fact that her voice is completely unique on the show, and when it comes time to pick, Selkii joins Team Blake. 

Denton Arnell (Team John) 

This artist had a few surprises up his sleeve and one of them was a proposal to his girlfriend on The Voice stage. When John Legend turned around during his performance of Hold On, We’re Going Home, it wasn’t the only life altering moment for Denton. Soon after, his girlfriend joined him on the stage and she quickly became his fiancé but not without a head bump on his way down to get on one-knee. Ouch, that looked like it hurt! 

Ciera Dumas (Team Adam) 

This 21-year-old artist performs to the song Tell Me You Love Me, and it did not go unnoticed. Both John and Adam turn around, and John is so enthusiastic that he stands up for her during the performance. Adam tells her that everything she does is exactly what this show is about, and she took a liking to that because when it came time to pick a coach, she went with Team Adam 

Andrew Sevener (Team Blake) 

Andrew’s performance to Honky Tonk Woman immediately got the attention of the king of country, Blake Shelton. He was the only coach to turn around, and as Kelly puts it, probably because the other coaches all knew he’d pick Blake anyway. It’s another pairing for Team Blake and right now, his roster is full of country talent.

Mari (Team Adam)

Performing to Boo’d Up, Mari caught the attention of Adam, John and Kelly. The coaches complimented her on her unique style and confidence. While Mari’s style related mostly to John Legend, and despite Blake’s campaigning for John over Adam, she went with the veteran coach and is on Team Adam.

Abby Kasch  (Team Kelly) 

Next to take the stage was Abby Kasch who Kelly described as “ballsy country” and that she was. She caught the attention of both Kelly and Blake, and despite Kelly’s original theory that she would choose Blake, she joined Team KC!

Mikaela Astel (Team Kelly) 

Gathering the attention of both Kelly and John during her performance of Electric Love, this 14 year old singer is one to remember. Kelly put it best when she said that her ton could not be taught, because Mikaela stood out from the crowd. When it came to picking a coach, she went with the one who’s already won the past two season with teenage female artists and is on Team KC!

Anthony Ortiz (Team Adam) and Olive Blue (Team John) 

Although we were only shown bits and pieces of these performances, they’re onto the next round. With Anthony joining Team Adam and Olive joining Team John, they’ve earned their spot in the knockout rounds! 

Shawn Sounds (Team John) 

This middle school teacher has quite the voice, as he managed to get a four-chair turn from all the coaches. Singing All My Life had Blake, Adam and John turn around at the same time, followed by Kelly at the end. John tells him that his ending of that song was one of the best endings runs he has ever heard. Meanwhile, the rest of the coaches threw out their pitches, but Shawn stuck with John and joined his team. 

Well that’s it for this week’s blind auditions. Did you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments below! 


Lauren Mnayarji
Lauren Mnayarji

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