‘The Voice’ Live Show Top 11 Recap

We’re back for another Monday night live show and the Top 11 is hitting the stage. This week, the fans are choosing each artist’s song to perform. Not to mention, we’re also taking a look at The Voice Season 15 viewing parties across the country! So how did the Top 11 perform? Let’s break down tonight’s performances. 

Dave Fenley (Team Blake)

Being the first to take the stage is Dave Fenley from Team Blake. The fans chose for him to sing the song  Use Me and he started the show with a bang. Adam says that it makes him happy to see Dave perform how he wants and do his own thing because so many other contestants try to play it safe at this point in the competition. His coach Blake tells him that this was a special moment for him on the show.

Chevel Shepard (Team Kelly)

At only 16 years old, Chevel has rounded up quite the fan base. This week, her fans picked the song Space Cowboy and she performed flawlessly. Kelly was gleaming with pride and commended Chevel on her storytelling, and says that this is what makes a country artist strong.

Reagan Strange (Team Adam)

Last week, Reagan was named the top streaming artist showing that she’s a fan favorite of the show. This week, her fans picked for her to sing Complicated by Avril Lavigne. Adam points out that it is a challenging song to sing but one that Reagan can tackle on. It turns out he was right, as Adam beams with pride after her performance and even says that he believes she will win the competition and be a star.


Kymberli Joye (Team Kelly)

Singing the powerhouse gospel song Break Every Chain, Kymberli left viewers with chills after this performance. She was the only artist to receive a standing ovation from all four judges throughout the night. Her coach Kelly says that her voice blows people away and that she was able to perform her passion tonight which is gospel music and it showed.


Kirk Jay (Team Blake)

Kirk’s fan base picked the song Body Like a Back Road by Sam Hunt. His coach Blake says that Kirk is a one of a kind performer and encourages viewers to keep him in the competition.

Chris Kroeze (Team Blake)

This week, Chris’s fans chose the song Long Train Running for him to perform on the stage. He had quite the fan base back home in Wisconsin, and everyone was cheering for him. His coach Blake says that Chris continues to get better and better with every performance.

Lynnea Moorer (Team Kelly)

After being saved last week, Lynnea is fighting for her spot in the Top 10 by performing the song Consequences by Camila Cabello. Kelly encourages her to be vulnerable in this song, and she seemed to do just that. Kelly says she’s so proud that Lynnea had this moment and has continued to make every moment she’s had in the competition count.

MaKenzie Thomas (Team Jennifer)

Singing the fan’s choice song of Emotion by Bee Gees was a great pick for MaKenzie. Both Jennifer and Kelly gave her a standing ovation. Jennifer says that her voice is so skilled and feels like butter.

Sarah Grace (Team Kelly)

Sarah’s fans chose the song Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine and it was a fantastic choice for her. She was able to showcase more of an upbeat song and could show her versatility. Blake says that he’s been a fan of hers since the beginning and loved seeing her step out from behind the piano. He said this was his favorite performance of hers. Meanwhile, Kelly says that she is such a smart singer and that it’s so beautiful for viewers to watch her talent.

DeAndre Nico (Team Adam)

His fans picked the song Cry For You and it showcased DeAndre’s soulful tone. Jennifer loved the performance and Adam said that he has all the elements that will make him a success.

Kennedy Holmes (Team Jennifer)

Last but not least we have the youngest performer in the competition singing a Whitney Houston song. Kennedy’s fans wanted to hear her perform to Greatest Love of All, and she brought such a beautiful element to the piece. This was a favorite performance of the night and the perfect way to close out the show, as her coach Jennifer beamed and told her that Whitney would be so proud and that she can’t wait to see Kennedy’s name up in lights.

Well, there you have it- your Top 11 contestants. Who do you think will be sent home tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below!

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