The Voice: Comparing Adam Levine to Gwen Stefani — Who Did Better?

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Since Adam Levine left The Voice this season, the show has hit its lowest ratings ever. With Gwen Stefani replacing him, the dynamic changed on the coaching panel and on the show. And from the looks of it, fans have not been tuning in.
The Voice coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton, and Gwen Stefani sing “More Than Words” by Extreme with host Carson Daly

But is this a coincidence or did Adam Levine leaving cause the ratings drop? Let’s take a look at how The Voice is doing without Adam.

All-Time Low Ratings for The Voice Premiere

Season 17 of The Voice kicked off with an all-time low for premiere ratings. The 8.93 million viewers was lower than the previous lowest premiere viewership, which was 9.66 million viewers in Season 15. But overnight ratings for the Finale last night show the ratings being higher than last season’s Finale, with 8.64 million viewers compared to last season’s 7.42 million.

So while the season started off on an all-time low, it somehow held that number throughout the season. Maybe fans were hesitant at first, but once they saw Blake, Gwen, John, and Kelly in action, they actually liked what they saw? Or was it the talent this season that got viewers to watch?

The Voice coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton, and Gwen Stefani telling stories about their

The Adam Levine Effect

When Adam Levine left The Voice, fans (and fellow judges) had mixed feelings about it. Many were still upset with Adam after Bathrobegate and his general apathy towards the show and his artists. His artists hadn’t made a Finale since season 13 when he left. That’s three entire season with ZERO finalists. Not a good track record!


But the Shevine relationship was a staple of the show. Adam and Blake’s bromance and playfully hateful comments to each other made the signature coaching panel dynamic that has existed since Season 1. With all the other coaches swapping out season-to-season, they were the constants. So with him leaving, fans were worried the show wouldn’t be the same.

Gwen Stefani’s last contestant standing, Rose Short, talks about her coach on The Voice

Did Gwen Save The Voice?

But Gwen Stefani stepping in provided hope for many, especially because of her relationship with Blake Shelton. They still had playful and jabbing banter, reminiscent of Blake with Adam, so that may be what redeemed this season. Along with better talent than last season, this year’s show was overall just more entertaining to watch. There were so many standout performers like Katie Kadan and The Voice winner Jake Hoot, and Gwen had a finalist (Rose Short) for only the second time in her history on the show.

So while Adam Levine leaving might have caused The Voice to have it’s lowest-rated premiere yet, the show was able to get viewers to tune in by doing what they’ve always done: getting good artists and highlighting the best of the coaches.

We can’t wait to see more with new coach Nick Jonas on The Voice starting early next year!


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