Shefani vs Shevine: Will Coach Gwen Stefani Save ‘The Voice’ After Adam Levine’s Exit?

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With Adam Levine leaving The Voice after last season, Gwen Stefani has some big shoes to fill! But this isn’t her first time trying to live up to a lot of hype. Let’s just say this seasoned veteran is a pro.

Many fans will be missing the great “Shevine” Adam Levine vs. Blake Shelton moments, but early reports are that shefani is shaping up just as good or better. Sources from The Voice taping say that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton moments are better than ever. So let’s look at the history of Shevine vs. Shefani.

Shefani: Gwen Stefani & Blakes Shelton

The Voice: Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

Watch some of Gwen Stefani’s cutest moments with fellow coach and boyfriend Blake Shelton above. Then watch some of the Adam Levine vs. Blake Shelton “Shevine” momentst hat we will be missing this season. Then, we’ll get into how Gwen is reportedly going to “save the show” this season with plenty of Shefani moments.

Shevine: Adam Levine and Blake Shelton

The Voice: Blake Shelton and Adam Levine

How Gwen Stefani “Saved” The Voice

In a recent video by Taste of Country, Blake explained that Gwen came in to save the day after Adam Levine announced his departure from the show. “I think it kind of saved the show with Adam going away. There’s no way around it. That sucks not having Adam there. He’s a major part of that show and my favorite person to kick in the nuts.”

the voice gwen stefani blake shelton adam levine shefani shevine

While he won’t be able to “kick [Gwen] in the nuts,” I think what he’s getting at here is that the Shevine banter is a big part of the show. Now, that will be replaced with more loving banter between Blake and Gwen. But we all love their relationship so it’s a promising change! That combined with the fun competitiveness between Blake and Kelly Clarkson and the chill vibes and wit John Legend brings to the table make for a great dynamic between the coaches. Needless to say, Shefani fans will be here for it!

Shefani on The Voice

According to a source reported by ET, Gwen and Blake have “had the best time” while filming The Voice. “They’re playful, flirty, and laugh nonstop.” The source also said, “Blake really pushed to have Gwen back after Adam revealed he was leaving. Working together is truly an ideal situation for them.”

The article goes on to say, “They laugh so much on set and backstage, and aren’t shy about showing their affection and are better than ever. They’re truly like a married couple who hasn’t lost that spark.”

If that is the case, we are more excited than ever! The Shefani moments sound like they’ll be cute and abundant. What more could you ask for? We’ll get to see it all this fall, when The Voice returns on NBC.

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