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‘The Masked Singer’ Week 7 Recap + An Out of This World Reveal

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With half of the artists revealed, The Masked Singer is down to its final six celebrities. The Monster, Lion, Alien, Bee, Rabbit, and Peacock remain, making the competition fierce. Moving forward, they will each sing in every episode until the Finale.

So that means we’ve got plenty of performances and reveals left to watch! Let’s see what happened on tonight’s episode.


The Monster

Clues: The Monster said being here has given him a chance to bring his true voice to the world. When he was a little monster growing up down South, he had to stay inside “because it was too dangerous out.” But when he discovered he had a gift, the Monster started “living the good life.” He even started winning awards! Then, out of nowhere, people started saying he wasn’t the real deal. It took him a while to realize that he couldn’t be a bad boy for life, he said while police sirens go off. So he decided to step back into the ring! The Monster said he’s “coming out swinging” as he danced in bright blue shoes. After his performance, he adds that his shoe size is 12.

Performance: The Monster surprised everyone again, singing “I Love Rock N’ Roll” by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. His tone is really great and you can tell no matter what he sings that he’s a born vocalist! He is the most unique performer left in the competition.

Judges’ Guesses: Lil Jon, Mike Tyson, Tommy Davidson, a boxer


The Lion

Clues: The Lion talks about being “down in the cabaret bars in old Chicago.” The “GOLD FOUND IN HAILEY” newspaper is shown again. But she likes that people still can’t “say my name.” The Lion talks about losing herself in a famous family. She also references the Bluegrass state. The Lion is then handed an envelope that says “BLUE MOON” on it. She ends saying she has “true grit” and is going to “build her own empire.” For the Lion’s moment of truth, she said “I have a subscription to a monthly murder-mystery game.”

Performance: The Lion chose to tackle a Lady Gaga song, “Diamond Heart.” It’s one of the lesser known hits by the pop star but she knocked it out of the park. The Lion delivers week after week. She keeps one-upping herself! I would be shocked if we didn’t see her in the Finale at this point.

Judges’ Guesses: Mel B, Hailee Steinfeld, someone in Destiny’s Child


The Alien

Clues: The Alien says not winning now would be “criminal” and she “knows a thing or two about the law.” She talks about crimes against fashion and falling off a runway. The Alien says, “Find us at 52’2′ N and 57’66’ E.” The screen also says “EST. 1956” and she says all calls are “$19.56/minute.” Her moment of truth was that she’s been on the New York Times Bestsellers List twice.

Performance: This week, the Alien sang “Ex’s and Oh’s” by Elle King. It was one of her better performances because her voice lined up with the original! Her song this week was the first time where I felt it was actually too short. Everyone is stepping it up for the second half of the show!

Judges’ Guesses: One of the Richies, La Toya Jackson, Paula Abdul


The Bee

Clues: The Bee talked about “getting her groove on back then” while people exercised and did synchronized swimming. She name drops a bunch of songs to throw us off, like “New Attitude,” “Superwoman,” “We Don’t Need Another Hero,” and “Giving You the Best That I’ve Got.” Then, the Bee says she’s singing a song by a “very close friend.” She finished her time on stage responding, “Actually I have 10 [Grammys]!”

Performance: Now that the competition is getting tougher, the Bee opted to sing a song from her time this week. She sang “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” by Tina Turner. Again, like every other week, she absolutely killed it. Plus, it was fun hearing her sing an older, classic song finally!

Judges’ Guesses: Gladys Knight, Anita Baker


The Rabbit

Clues: The Rabbit mentioned standing out “all on my own.” He is shown with puppet strings controlling his arms. The Rabbit says it’s nice to finally be the puppetmaster! He says he’s prepared for this growing up in the Sunshine State (Florida). Being unmasked would “break his achey heart.” He closes out the package saying he is going from puppetmaster to ringmaster. His moment of truth clue was that he has 17 tattoos on his body.

Performance: The Rabbit switched it up again, singing a sped-up, rock version of “Isn’t She Lovely?” by Stevie Wonder. It was a fun, dynamic performance. Plus, he put his own spin on the classic song! The Rabbit definitely takes the most liberties with the songs he does. In my opinion, that makes him super interesting to watch!

Judges’ Guesses: JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Donny Wahlberg, Billy Ray Cyrus


The Peacock

Clues: The Peacock has been getting fanmail for a long time. In fact, he says he started off as a “show biz prodigy.” Then the screen shows a “DEPARTMENT OF YOUNG” sign and a photo of the angel Moroni (a symbol in the LDS faith). He has performed on stage, on screen, and he’s hosted awards shows. The Peacocks says he’s gotten a lot of fans throughout the year, including knights, kings, and queens. A card is shown on his vanity that says “A Big YAY!” At the end, the Peacock says his face has been tattooed on someone’s body.

Performance: The Peacock closed out the show with “I Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd. It was a fun performance with plenty of dancing! He is the greatest showman (see what I did there?) left in the competition. And the judges seemed to agree.

Judges’ Guesses: Neil Patrick Harris, Wayne Brady, Donny Osmond


An Extraterrestrial Reveal!

After all the performances, it was time for another unmasking. The singer that would be revealed is…the Alien! The judges all made their final predictions. Jenny went first, guessing Sophia Richie. Nicole went with La Toya Jackson. Ken chose Paula Abdul for the Alien. Guest judge JB Smoove guessed Carmen Electra. Finally, Robin agreed with Nicole and went with La Toya Jackson.

When it the mask was taken off, the Alien was…La Toya Jackson! A member of the famous Jackson family, La Toya is a singer, actress, and best-selling author. Wow! What an out of this world celebrity reveal! And that means both Nicole and Robin were correct with their final guesses.

With only five celebrities left, and three more episodes, we’ll have to watch again next week to see if our predictions are correct. And you will too! Join us then, Wednesday night on FOX, for The Masked Singer.

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