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‘The Masked Singer’ Spoilers, Clues & Predictions: Who Is The Monster?

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With one of The Masked Singer contestants already revealed, we still have five more costumed celebrities to decode from the first episode. Next we’re looking into the Monster. Though he lost his match-up with the Unicorn, the Monster gave a dynamic performance last night.

Do you know who is behind the mask? Let’s take a look at what we know about the Monster already:


Week 1 Clues

Height: 5’8″

Weakness: Misunderstood

Pre-Show Clues: First, a tape deck that has “GHETTO” and “BOO!!!!” in spray paint, with what looks like a 100 emoji and a ghost face on the side. Then, the camera pans to an old school boombox.

Episode 1 Clues: The Monster says he’s been labelled by the world and is here to “rewrite his mix tape.” He said he was at the top of his game “but the game turned on me.” The Monster then took a break but now he’s here to set the record straight. When asked if he is a professional singer, The Monster responded “Not to everyone.”

Episode 1 Song: “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen


Week 3 Clues

Pre-Show Clues: None, the Monster was left out of this video.

Episode 3 Clues: The Monster says after the last episode, he took a drive up from the South in his Cadillac. Then it shows the Monster in New York. While making it rain, he says he’s “back in the swing of things.” The shot also has two guys in the background, one wearing a top hat and one with gold teeth. The Monster says he’s celebrating and getting his mind right. He then says his performance is “gonna be fireeeee!” When asked for an addition clue, the Monster just replied, “I like to keep my head in the game.”

Episode 3 Song: “I Don’t Want to Be” by Gavin DeGraw


Week 6 Clues

Pre-Show Clues: The Monster’s clue in the video was a skateboard’s wheel spinning. The Masked Singer website says he “loves to play all kinds of Games.”

Episode 6 Clues: The Monster said he’s had his share of dark days but he’s “fought his demons.” He’s discovered the little teddy bear he is at heart. At this point, he’s sitting at a bar, while a bartender wearing a top hat dances He is then shown throwing money and breaking it down dancing in front of a video game “LEVEL COMPLETED” graphic. The Monster then says he’ll “swing back.” The video ends with “GAME OVER” text taking over the screen. After his performance, the Monster’s revealing item was a headset. He said, “I make my best calls on this headset.”

Episode 6 Song: “American Woman” by Lenny Kravitz

Week 7 Clues

Episode 7 Clues: The Monster said being here has given him a chance to bring his true voice to the world. When he was a little monster growing up down South, he had to stay inside “because it was too dangerous out.” But when he discovered he had a gift, the Monster started “living the good life.” He even started winning awards! Then, out of nowhere, people started saying he wasn’t the real deal. It took him a while to realize that he couldn’t be a bad boy for life, he said while police sirens go off. So he decided to step back into the ring! The Monster said he’s “coming out swinging” as he danced in bright blue shoes. After his performance, he adds that his shoe size is 12.

Episode 7 Song: “I Love Rock N’ Roll” by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts


Semifinals Clues

Episode 8 Clues: The Monster kicks off by saying he’s “never cared about the rules of the game.” He learned the hard way that it only takes one slip to lose your place in the world. The Monster has been “vilified and persecuted for sounding like a ringtone.” Putting on a front made him angry, but after some soul searching, he was ready for something new. He said this has finally brought him the comeback he’s been wanting for a decade.

Episode 8 Song: “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith


Masked Singer Monster TPain

T-Pain (Honorable Mentions: Ludacris, Ne-Yo, T.I., and Ice Cube)

We’ve gotta start with the obvious height comparison, which is a match here. T-Pain was known for using auto-tune in his music so that could be why he says not everyone calls him a singer. And the “misunderstood” line? Well auto-tune explains that too, as it distorts the voice. He also actually has some impressive pipes! T-Pain would be returning after quite the break from music too. His most recent song to chart was in 2012. The old school boomboxes and references could just be a tribute to the fact that he is part of an older segment of the rap game.

In his second appearance, the Monster’s identity as T-Pain was further confirmed. He is from Florida, which explains the drive from the South to a big city. The men in the background wearing a top hat and gold teeth are reminiscent of T-Pain’s look when he rose to fame. And while the “keep my head in the game” clue led many people to believe the Monster could be Corbin Bleu from High School Musical, we actually think it refers to the fact that T-Pain is an avid gamer! He frequently streams himself playing video games on Twitch.

Week 6 was all about gaming clues for The Monster. As we mentioned last week, the headset points to T-Pain’s Twitch streams, as do all the other video game-related hints we got. He also had a short-lived skateboarding career, which explains that clue! T-Pain’s signature top hat is around again and the whole scene at the bar is a nod to his popular hit song “Bartender.” Everything is just lining up too perfectly at this point!

In Week 7, the Monster talks about growing up in the South. We know that T-Pain is from Florida. The Monster also mentions people saying he wasn’t the real deal. T-Pain is known for his use of auto-tune, leading to people questioning his true musical abilities. He later talks about winning awards and living the good life. T-Pain won a Grammy for “The Good Life” with Kanye West. Come on. It’s too easy!

Latest Clues Decoded

The Monster shared even more details leading to T-Pain in the Semifinals. He talking about the “rules of the game” and made allusions to video games again. He also talks about sounding like a “ringtone.” Well, T-Pain was called the king of ringtones, after being the top-selling artist for them in 2007. The Monster also mentioned he’s been waiting for his comeback for a decade. Again, the last time T-Pain was nominated for an award was in 2010, so almost exactly a decade ago.

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