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‘The Masked Singer’ Spoilers, Clues & Predictions: Who Is The Lion?

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The Masked Singer premiered last night but one performer in particular stole the show. The Lion has been the most talked about singer leading up to the premiere. And she delivered with her first performance!

But she has also been the hardest singer to decode. Here’s what we know about the Lion and our best guess at who could be behind the mask:


Week 1 Clues

Height: 5’6″

Strength: Noble

Pre-Show Clues: The Lion is seen smoking a cigarette in a long holder, with someone whispering in her ear.

Episode 1 Clues: The Lion says she’s “here to ROAR!” She tells us this is her chance to perform without people having preconceived notions of who she is. The Lion mentions she’s from “Hollywood royalty” and is using this as her way of stepping away from her pride. She later says that her pride has “lots of women.” The Lion says that “True strength comes from embracing all your vulnerabilities.” She is appearing on the show to show her true self for the very first time.

Episode 1 Song: “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” by Fergie


Week 3 Clues

Pre-Show Clues: The Lion is seen with a drill working on a wine rack.

Episode 3 Clues: The Lion starts by saying that the judge’s “glowing” comments after her first performance put her on cloud nine. She feels like she could be a front-runner. The Lion has always wanted to sing but the mask finally makes her feel courageous. For her, using her voice to help others has always been important. She talks about standing up for what you believe in as scenes of protests are shown. Then, she is seen reading a newspaper that says “GOLD FOUND IN HAILEY.” When asked if she has any gold or platinum records, The Lion says “I have nothing gold or platinum on my walls yet.”


Episode 3 Song: “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone


Week 5 Clues

Pre-Show Clues: Once again, the Lion’s clue was her with a drill, working on a wine rack. The Masked Singer website says “Her voice will take you hostage.”

Episode 5 Clues: The Lion is here to prove that being on the stage is her “destiny.” She talks about being a “model of courage and vulnerability,” just like the Lion in her favorite movie The Wizard of Oz. Next, she says it’s time for her to stop being “all sugar and spice.” At the end of her clues, the Lion says “tick tock, the twister is coming.” Her revealing item was a scrunchie, explaining it’s a “family heirloom.”

Episode 5 Song: “California Dreamin'” by The Mamas & The Papas


Week 7 Clues

Episode 7 Clues: The Lion talks about being “down in the cabaret bars in old Chicago.” The “GOLD FOUND IN HAILEY” newspaper is shown again. But she likes that people still can’t “say my name.” The Lion talks about losing herself in a famous family. She also references the Bluegrass state. The Lion is then handed an envelope that says “BLUE MOON” on it. She ends saying she has “true grit” and is going to “build her own empire.” For the Lion’s moment of truth, she said “I have a subscription to a monthly murder-mystery game.”

Episode 7 Song: “Diamond Heart” by Lady Gaga


Masked Singer Lion RW

Rumer Willis (Honorable Mentions: Kylie Jenner and Kate Hudson)

Now this one took a lot more digging. But it seems like the Lion is Rumer Willis! First of all, she has a huge lion tattoo on her arm. Second, she is the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, so talk about Hollywood Royalty! She also has four sisters, so her tribe does have “a lot of women.” Lastly, the whispering in her ear could simply be hinting at her name, Rumer. But a lot of people want to know if she can actually sing. Well yes. Yes, Rumer Willis can sing. She has performed on Broadway and even had a recurring role on the FOX show Empire. It’s all in the family here if we’re right with this guess.

Her second appearance only further confirmed our suspicions. The biggest clue was the newspaper that said “GOLD FOUND IN HAILEY.” Rumer Willis’s hometown in Hailey, Idaho. But aside from that, the scenes of protests make sense because Rumer was vocal in her support of recent causes, such as the Free the Nip campaign. She also doesn’t have any gold or platinum records so that would align as well. The wine rack pre-show clue could be a reference to Amy Winehouse, one of her biggest musical influences, or the fact that she enjoys doing DIY projects!

Week 5 clues continued to confirm the Lion’s identity. The line about being held “hostage” refers to a Bruce Willis movie of the same name. She also mentioned being a “model” and Rumer Willis has done modeling in the past. Her physical clue, the scrunchie, is familiar to too. She says it’s a “family heirloom,” and it looks just like what her mom, Demi Moore, used to wear in movies in the ’80s.

Latest Clues Decoded

The Lion mentioned Chicago, a show Rumer Willis has played the lead role in. The Hailey, Idaho, clue was shown again as well. Her tie to a famous family is easily explained, since Rumer is the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Rumer was born in the Bluegrass state, Kentucky, which also gives away that clue. Finally, she mentions “building her own empire,” which is a nod to the show Empire, which she is a cast member on.

‘Masked Singer’ Personality Test

Have you ever wondered which ‘Masked Singer’ character you are? Well, you’re in luck because you can test yourself here:

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