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‘The Masked Singer’ Spoilers, Clues & Predictions: Who Is The Peacock?

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With The Masked Singer now in full-swing, the guessing game is on! And we have some pretty good clues as to who some of the performers are. We’re starting with the first act of the night, the Peacock!

Here’s what we know about the Peacock so far:


Week 1 Clues

Height: 5’9″

Weakness: Craves attention

Pre-Show Clues: Poker chips on a table with a card hand (9 of diamonds, 10 of hearts, Queen of diamonds, King of hearts, Ace of hearts)

Episode 1 Clues: The Peacock loves the spotlight and has ever since he walked onto stage for the first time at age 5. The package shows a clip of him playing the piano. He says putting on a show is “in his DNA.” The Peacock says it’s “been a while since your mom has had a poster of me on her wall.” He also mentions that he is friends with Michael Jackson and is here to make a “comeback.” After his performance, the Peacock says he has been part of a magic act before.

Episode 1 Song: “The Greatest Show” from The Greatest Showman


Week 3 Clues

Pre-Show Clues: None, the Peacock was left out of this video.

Episode 3 Clues: The Peacock “loved being able to perform without anyone knowing who I was.” He said he’s had many incarnations of his career. He started out as a teeny-bopper, but says there’s more than meets the eye. The Peacock was then cast in dramatic roles. Before he performs, he talks about having a fear of heights. The judges asked if he has ever performed in Vegas and the Peacock responded that he has.

Episode 3 Song: “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic


Week 6 Clues

Pre-Show Clues: The Peacock’s pre-show clue was him holding three plastic sharks or whales. The Masked Singer website says, “Who knew peacocks are related to whales?”

Episode 6 Clues: To start, the Peacock says that being on the stage in a mask is very hard and very lonely. The clues show him sitting in a bar with poker chips and a hat on the counter. He says people always want to chat with him and this experience is like he “vanished into thin air.” By day, he performs as his 176 pound real self. The Peacock is seen waving a rainbow flag inside his cape. But by night, he rides into the competition ready for battle. His revealing item was a wig. He says, “Because of this wig, I was thrown in jail.”

Episode 6 Song: “American Woman” by Lenny Kravitz


Week 7 Clues

Episode 7 Clues: The Peacock has been getting fanmail for a long time. In fact, he says he started off as a “show biz prodigy.” Then the screen shows a “DEPARTMENT OF YOUNG” sign and a photo of the angel Moroni (a symbol in the LDS faith). He has performed on stage, on screen, and he’s hosted awards shows. The Peacocks says he’s gotten a lot of fans throughout the year, including knights, kings, and queens. A card is shown on his vanity that says “A Big YAY!” At the end, the Peacock says his face has been tattooed on someone’s body.

Episode 7 Song: “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd


Semifinals Clues

Episode 8 Clues: The Peacock starts on a couch talking to a therapist. He says “things are not good” as he floats above the couch. The Peacock goes on to say he hates to let his “soldiers of affection” down. He prides himself on being the brightest, most well-rounded performer of his flock. The Peacock says he wants to be “the idol that they all deserve.” He closes out the clues by saying, “after all, it had to be you.”

Episode 8 Song: “Let’s Go” by Calvin Harris feat. Ne-Yo


Masked Singer Peacock DO

Donny Osmond (Honorable Mention: Jamie Foxx)

First things first, Donny is the right height for the Peacock. He also has had a Vegas show with his younger sister Marie, which would explain all the Vegas references. This was further backed up when he said he’s performed in Vegas during episode 3. The Osmonds were invited to audition for The Andy Williams Show and Donny made his debut on it when he was five years old, just like the Peacock’s Episode 1 clues package said.

Donny comes from a talented, singing family so it is literally “in his DNA.” He also mentioned that your mom might have had a poster of him on her wall before. Donny was a teen idol in the early 1970s! He was one of the biggest pop stars to appear on Tiger Beat magazine at the time. Plus, Donny even had a relationship with Michael Jackson, who the Peacock mentioned was a friend of his. The Peacock also mentioned he has a fear of heights, which Donny Osmond has admitted to in the past.

The Peacock’s Week 6 clues were a little all over the place. He revealed his weight, 176 pounds, which lines up with Donny Osmond. The rainbow inside his cape and the wig could be nods to the fact that Donny once starred in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, though the judges took it another direction. In the musical, Joseph is thrown in jail. The last new clue was all the whales, which is a reference to the Osmonds’ ancestry from Wales!  There are plenty more clues hinting at Vegas and his magic show, but we’ve already seen those. Also, just how the Peacock responded to the Donny Osmond guesses from the judges kind of gave it away for me.

Donny Osmond started off his career early, explaining the fanmail he’s been getting “for a long time.” The “DEPARTMENT OF YOUNG” photo is an homage to the Alice Cooper song of the same name, which mentions Donny. The photo behind that  sign was of the angel Moroni, a symbol of the LDS faith. The Osmonds are from Utah and known Mormons. Finally, of course, someone does have a tattoo of Donny Osmond.

Latest Clues Decoded

The Semifinals clues don’t add much new information. There is another reference to magic when the Peacock is floating above the couch. Again, Donny Osmond has been part of magic shows before. He also mentions “soldiers of affection” and Donny has a song called “Soldiers of Love.” Finally, he talks about being the best performer in his flock. Almost undeniably, Donny is the most successful of the Osmonds. So that’s not a stretch to say that much!

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