‘The Masked Singer’ Spoilers, Clues & Predictions: Who Is The Alien?

Kyle Montplaisir
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The Masked Singer is back for a second week of performances with six all new singers. So it’s time we do some investigating and figure out who they could be! The Alien left the judges and audience stumped. The performance and clues did little to narrow in on an exact person.

To recap, here’s everything we could dig up on the Alien:


Week 2 Clues

Strength: Comes in Peace

Pre-Show Clues: We saw a clip of the Alien next to a gold record that said “A&M Records.” The Masked Singer website also said, “Aliens love their veggies.”

Episode 2 Clues: The Alien starts with the fact that anonymity is an “alien” concept in her family. She grew up in the public eye and let others define her. But she says no one will ever control her again! And “for the first time ever, the world gets to hear MY voice on MY terms.” After the performance, the Alien said she has “many sisters.”

Episode 2 Song: “Feel It Still” by Portugal. the Man


Week 4 Clues

Pre-Show Clues: The video shows the Alien holding a crystal ball. The Masked Singer website also says she “may have psychic abilities.”

Episode 4 Clues: Performing in the mask was harder than the Alien thought it would be. The critiques reminded her of when she was young, before anyone knew her or her family’s name. She says you may think she’s “out of fashion” but she’s here to rise above all that. The Alien is then shown with a crystal ball. She closes by saying, “tonight I’m going to push myself to the limit.” When asked by the judges, the Alien says she’s a quadruple threat.

Episode 4 Song: “Lovefool” by The Cardigans


Week 5 Clues

Pre-Show Clues: Once again, the Alien’s clue in the video was a crystal ball. The Masked Singer website says “She’s a whiz at interplanetary travel.”

Episode 5 Clues: The Alien said she spent her entire life under a microscope, poked and prodded. She is shown reading a book called “How To Take Over the World.” Growing up, she always craved “the simple life.” She says, “That’s hot,” a famous saying by Paris Hilton. The Alien mentions again that she’s part of a famous family. There’s a shot of a snake after that. Her physical clue was a police badge with Muncie, Indiana. The Alien explained it by saying, “This badge is not a prop. I’m sworn to protect and serve.”

Episode 4 Song: “Happy” by Pharrell

Who is the Alien? (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

Masked Singer Spoilers Alien LJ

La Toya Jackson (Honorable Mentions: Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian)

Our best guess for the Alien is La Toya Jackson. She very much grew up in the public eye, part of one of the most famous families in music. The Jacksons were also characterized by the control their dad had over their lives. Personally, La Toya was then in a marriage where her husband and manager was abusive. This would explain the Alien’s line about not being under anyone’s control anymore.

Looking at the clues before the show, the gold-painted record said “A&M Records” on it, which Janet Jackson was signed to. The clue about loving veggies on the website could refer to the fact that La Toya is a vegetarian!

In Week 4, we received a lot of the same clues from the Alien’s first appearance. The one glaring new clue was all this hype about being “psychic” and the crystal ball. Well that fits La Toya Jackson! She was a spokesperson for the Psychic Friends Network. The Alien also talked about being a quadruple threat and La Toya has done acting, singing, modeling, dancing, writing, and so much more. She is at least a quadruple threat!

The Week 5 clues also line up with La Toya Jackson being the Alien. While there were a lost of allusions to Paris Hilton, she says she would have preferred those things, not that they describe her. All the snake hints are referring to her infamous photoshoot with Playboy, where she posed with a snake. But the biggest clue was the police badge that said Muncie, Indiana, on it. La Toya was on a reality show called Armed & Famous where celebrities went through basic training and service as a reserve police officer. The show took place in…you guessed it, Muncie, Indiana!

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