Ranking the ‘American Idol’ Top 6 Music Videos Ahead of the Finale

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The Top 6 finalists from American Idol have all released the music videos for their original songs produced on the show. Before a winner of Season 19 is crowned, it’s interesting to see how all of the music videos stack up against each other. Based on all of the videos, we definitely there is a clear frontrunner in the competition heading into Sunday’s three-hour finale.

‘American Idol’ Top 6 Finalists Release Music Videos for Original Songs

1. Chayce Beckham

Chayce Beckham’s music video for “23” has given us everything we could have ever wanted. It’s an excuse to stare at Chayce for over 3 minutes without feeling any shame. The music video starts with Chayce radiating good vibes as he walks around outside. He hits the studio and is all smiles recording his chart-topping song.

Chayce got to work with Ross Copperman, the perfect pairing for American Idol’s last remaining country singer. Copperman completely immersed himself in the process, singing along and clearly proud of this hit. You can see the emotion pour out of Chayce singing the last few lines of the song and hearts are melting all over the world because of it.

2. Hunter Metts

Hunter Metts’ music video for “20,000 Kisses” shows how involved he was in the whole production process. From playing the guitar to having in-depth discussions with producer Ian Fitchuk, Hunter made his fans proud. We only have one slight problem with Hunter’s music video…we want to see more of Hunter in the beginning! Sure, zoomed-in shots of microphones and guitars are artistic, but there’s a reason why there are Instagram pages dedicated to Hunter’s smile.

We do love the shots of Hunter tuning his guitar, laying his head back on the piano, and seriously looking like he is having the time of his life. Many were shocked by his American Idol elimination but Hunter’s single has some serious radio potential. He already landed himself on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week. The Tennessee singer has a bright future ahead of him for sure.

3. Grace Kinstler

Grace Kinstler’s music video for the song “Love Someone” shows off her lovable personality. What’s unique about her video compared to the others is we get to see a little photo shoot take place. Grace has some major model moments during the video and if she doesn’t get offered a modeling contract after the show we will riot!

The little cameo from one of her American Idol besties Willie Spence is a cute tribute to her journey on the show this season. They both worked with producer Tricky Stewart on their songs and have both been there for each other throughout the competition. Only one person can be crowned the winner of American Idol, but this friendship will last a lifetime.

4. Casey Bishop

Casey Bishop’s music video for “Love Me Leave Me” came out on the same day as Olivia Rodrigo’s new album. The fact that Casey’s music video is still up there on the list of catchy songs released this week speaks volumes. We mentioned before that she could be American Idol’s version of Rodrigo who is a master of songwriting and delivering deep lyrics.

Casey’s voice is so good at the beginning of the video that it’s literally bone-chilling. At just 15 years old, it’s cool to see her learning the ins and outs of production and what goes into making a song. While Casey belts the song, she earns Fitchuk’s nods of approval. At the end of the video, there is a little cameo of Hunter clapping.

5. Willie Spence

Willie’s music video for “Never Be Alone” is only two and a half minutes long and we are begging for more. He has one of the best voices we have ever heard on the American Idol stage that fans can’t get enough of. Willie’s vocals are always technically perfect but we wish we could’ve seen more of his personality in the video and just more of him in general.

Willie does have the biggest fanbase on social media out of all of the contestants. After Bella Hadid posted about one of his performances on her Instagram story, Willie will probably get the same love for this music video. Expect the views to gradually increase within the next few hours. He deserves all of the praise after giving viewers his all each and every week.

6. Arthur Gunn

Arthur Gunn is totally in the zone during his music video for “Save Me Now.” If you remember Arthur’s Season 18 American Idol audition, Katy Perry advised him to open his eyes more while he is singing. He has his eyes closed for more than half the music video which is not a bad thing, it just makes it hard for some to connect with him through the screen.

“Save Me Now” is an incredible song and it really plays into the kind of artist Arthur is after competing on American Idol twice. Creating unique song arrangements is his thing. Just looking at the comments on this music video, his fans absolutely love everything he is doing.

Who Will Win ‘American Idol’?

After watching the music videos for the contestants original songs and following them on their journey’s this season it will be hard for America to decide on a winner. We think the person who has the edge and the best chance of winning heading into the finale is Chayce.

Chayce will be earning the country votes this season as the last remaining country artist. He also can transition into doing rock music which may seal the deal and earn the votes of rock fans too. His original song was the most memorable and had more of a unique approach than the other two artists left in the competition, Willie and Grace.

The votes will be pretty close as they were back when the Top 7 was narrowed down to the Top 5. Willie could get a ton of love from his huge Instagram following too. We suspect that Chayce started leading the voting back during the hybrid Coldplay Night and Mother’s Day celebration where he tearfully performed a tribute to his mother. Season 19 of American Idol has been full of surprises but Chayce’s star quality was clear from the start.

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