Ranking Meghan Trainor’s Best Songs

Corey Cesare
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Clash of The Cover Band‘s judge Meghan Trainor has had a vast career ahead of her time on the tribute band series. You’ve heard her songs on the radio, but here are seven of our all time Meghan Trainor songs.

Meghan Trainor has become a household name since the popularity of her single, “All About That Bass.” It’s been nearly eight years since this tune, let’s take a look at some Trainor’s best tracks to date.

7. “All About That Bass”

The song that broke Trainor into the music industry. Even though this song was overplayed at the time, it’s still quite the bop in modern day. I absolutely loved her bubble-gum pop era, so this song will always be apart of my favorites list.

6. “Me Too”

This is another one of Trainor’s hits that I cannot skip, no matter how much it was played. As soon as I hear the first beat of the music, I instantly begin singing along. This song is so good because it’s easy to listen to.

5. “Foolish”

“Foolish” was created around the time of Trainor’s marriage to Daryl Sabara. This song is so great because it was clearly written for her husband. Beside the song, I love the music video that features their wedding reception.

4. “Nice to Meet Ya”

This 2020 hit sounds most like Trainor’s debut album. It’s not fully bubble gum pop, but it’s closer than some of her other recent music. Trainor and Nicki Minaj are also the duo I didn’t know I needed.

3. “Better”

I like “Better” because it’s one of Trainor’s most serious songs. The storyline talks about the singer deserving better than what she currently has. While this is definitely more mellow than some of her normal songs, it’s powerful and well written.

2. “Let You Be Right”

Trainor was the first artist to bring back to the sound of disco with “Let You Be Right.” This song features a simple, yet fun beat. This song always makes me want to get up and dance.

1. “Title”

I’ve already acknowledged my love for Trainor‘s bubble-gum pop era, so this ranking should be no surprise. Not only was “Title” the title track of her first album, it was my personal favorite. In late 2021, Trainor revealed that her team wouldn’t let her release the music video for this hit, until it went viral on TikTok.

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