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Quarantine And Chill-Your Daily Coronavirus Recap

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While coronavirus continues to affect the lives of millions of people across the world, people have to find ways to stay entertained while they are self quarantined and social-distancing. Here is your daily coronavirus recap that will hopefully bring a smile to your face and provide you with some funny Tik Toks to share with your quarantine buddies.

Viral Coronavirus TikToks, Memes And Tweets

Tik Tokers have continued to put out hilarious content that will make your self-quarantine filled with a lot more laughs.

Tik Tok user @wot.dennis joked about how all flights are now extremely cheap.

Tik Tok user @bamsam101 posted this hilarious video of an adorable pug who seems to be a little paranoid.

Speaking of paranoid, user @cocoscaravan and her baby parodied how different kinds of people are handling the coronavirus.

Tik Tok user @karmabakes joked that currency in 2020 is toilet paper instead of money since it is so hard to find in our stores these days.

And who doesn’t love memes? Here are some of the funniest coronavirus memes that’ll make you forget about being down to your last roll of toilet paper.

Again it seems like cheap flights are tempting people to want to travel during coronavirus. But hey, you’d probably have the entire airplane to yourself!


If there is one thing we have learned from this pandemic, it’s how important handwashing is. Wash your hands before and after petting your furry friends or you might come home to your dog sitting at the table like this.


Are you one of the few people who still have to go into work while your buddies all work from home? It’s only a matter of time until people in your office start practicing their “work cough.”


And if you celebrate Easter, be on the lookout for some household cleaning products and coronavirus essentials in your baskets this year.


If you’re looking for some more quarantine entertainment, scrolling through Twitter promises some of the funniest tweets and comments about #socialdistancing and #quarantinelife.

It looks like this dog went out to get some fresh air and some food.

If you find yourself eating all of your quarantine snacks, just know that you are not alone.

In case you need a little nostalgia in your life, here’s the cast of everyone’s favorite teen Disney classic High School Musical dancing to “We’re All In This Together.”


Is there anything more accurate than this tweet right now?

Binge-Worthy Shows To Watch While Being Self-Quarantined

If you need some shows to watch to get you through the long quarantine days, look no further. Netflix just put out a watch-party extension so you can watch movies and shows with your friends without even leaving your house. There is even a chat feature so you can talk to them while you watch the same shows. Check out the tutorial below to find out how to use the Netflix Party feature.


Is there such a thing as binge-watching The Office too many times? Re-watching all nine seasons will definitely keep you busy and also help you revisit some of the funniest jokes and scenes with an iconic cast and crew. If you are looking for something new that is binge-worthy, Netflix recently released season 3 of the hit show On My Block, a drama about teens growing up in a difficult neighborhood.


Today, Netflix also releases an original show Feel Good, a dark comedy that received rave reviews if you’re looking to watch a new and modern love story.

If you are a movie person, there have been some great releases on streaming platforms recently. Since it seems like millennials these days love horror and drama movies, The 2017 adaption of Stephen King’s It was recently added to Netflix. Over on Disney Plus, watch America’s Got Talent Winner Grace Vanderwaal in Stargirl. And for all the Marvel fans out there, Black Panther was just released on the streaming platform early.

Good News About Coronavirus

Not all the news about coronavirus has been bad lately. It has been reported that there were no new local cases of coronavirus in China today. This is a huge relief after three months of the country seeing a rapid spread of the virus and killing well over 3,000 people. With schools and workplaces shutting down and travel restrictions in place, hopefully, the virus continues to die down in China and can provide people with some sort of solace.

Can social media influencers help decrease the spread of coronavirus? Surgeon General Jerome Adams certainly thinks so. On Good Morning America, he called upon Kylie Jenner who has 166 million Instagram followers to continue to tell her fans to stay home amid the coronavirus pandemic. He believes she has enough pull and support to make a real difference and protect people from going out and contracting the virus. He believes that she can get through to the young people that have been neglecting hazards and going out and partying on spring break. Let’s see what Kylie can do.

We hope you enjoyed this quarantine recap, and hope you have some snacks ready to watch all of these Netflix recommendations.

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