Quarantine and Chill Recap 2: Cardi B’s Coronavirus Song Goes Viral

Samantha Agate
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With each passing day, there continue to be new developments on coronavirus and ways for people to protect themselves from the rapid spread of the virus. But we’re here to take your mind off of the stresses going on around you and make you smile a little. Check out some of the funniest posts on the internet from Day 2 of our Quarantine Recap, some things to watch to keep you busy and some positive updates on the virus.

Viral Tweets, Memes and TikToks

If you’re looking to have a good laugh during this stressful time, look no further. Tik Tok user @ianisuglyyy may have just found out a new way to combat coronavirus, by simply speaking to it.

Tik Tok user @_motherofdoggos got creative and tried to make some toilet paper from scratch. It seems like he could definitely make some revisions to his recipe.

This Tik Tok by @margauxbeylier will make you feel like you went to a concert without leaving your house.

And if you are one of the millions of kids across the globe whose school has now transitioned to online instruction, then you know the pain of Tik Tok user @nishthafish as she dresses up for virtual prom.

If Twitter is slowly becoming your main source of entertainment during your self-quarantine, you are not alone.

Twitter user @ov_richard indulged in some Taco Bell, and will hopefully be able to find some toilet paper when he needs it the most.

If you’re one of the many parents working from home while watching your kids, the following post may be all too relatable.

Twitter user @cyclesinthedark joked about being cooped up in the house with his wife and kids during their quarantine.

And if you are one of the many people looking for love on dating apps like Tinder, you may come across profiles like these, but you should probably swipe left.

And we cannot forget about this hilarious Instagram post that seems all too relevant after being confined to our homes for so long.


And who doesn’t love some hilarious memes? Introverts who are used to staying at home may not even find their quarantine to be challenging.


For all the romantics out there, here’s a new idea for a gift for your significant other. That is if you can actually find toilet paper in a store near you.


Speaking of toilet paper, check out this rendition of Edvard Munch’s painting known as The Scream. Notice anything different about it?


Are your hands feeling super dry after washing them so much? You are not alone, but you should definitely try to soften them with some lotion.


Binge-Worthy Shows To Watch While Being Self-Quarantined

During this quarantine, your television will become your new best friend. If you are looking for something new and inspiring to watch, Netflix just released an original mini-series called Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker. It stars Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer.

If you are into animated shows or are a huge fan of Disney, Disney Plus releases weekly episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Catch up now on all seven seasons. Also if you haven’t already watched The Mandalorian, check it out with a seven day free trial of Disney Plus. Baby Yoda’s adorable antics will have you saying “aw” at least 20 times while watching an episode.

For the people who love reality television shows, season 17 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians was just released on Hulu along with season 2 of Love Island: Australia.

Good News About Coronavirus

In yesterday’s recap, we mentioned that Surgeon General Jerome Adams called upon Kylie Jenner to urge her massive following to stay inside to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Jenner then followed his advice and took to her Instagram to make several stories urging fans to “practice social distancing.” She also spoke about how she has been in self-quarantine for the past 9 days because millennials are not immune to coronavirus.

If you follow Cardi B on Instagram, you know she is never afraid to speak her mind. Cardi B’s viral coronavirus Instagram rant was remixed and turned into a smash hit song. It climbed the iTunes charts and went viral. Cardi promised fans on Twitter that she would donate the earnings to causes that will help people who were laid off due to coronavirus.

And in lighter news, the Chicago Shedd Aquarium let out some of their animals to take field trips around the empty aquarium. Watch all of the videos on the Shedd Aquarium Twitter page because they are guaranteed to make you smile.

Make sure you stay safe during this stressful time and remember that you can always count on the internet to make you smile when you need it most.

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