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No, The Brown Brothers Didn’t Steal Their ‘AGT’ Act

The Brown Brothers on 'America's Got Talent'Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

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A video recently circulated throughout the America’s Got Talent fandom, which tricked many with its clickbait title. A YouTube channel with over 7 million subscribers made it seem like The Brown Brothers stole his act ahead of their audition.

RoomieOfficial Pranks The Brown Brothers by Saying They Stole His Act

On June 29, Swedish singer/songwriter RoomieOfficial, published a video claiming that The Brown Brothers stole his act. Within the video, the YouTuber explains that Gabriel Brown has stolen his content before and has since taken it to a new level by “doing my thing in front of Simon Cowell.”

Even though the singer/songwriter seemed serious at the beginning of the video, it quickly turned into a complimentary audition reaction video. Roomie calls Gabriel Brown a great impressionist, since the song combinations on the AGT stage can’t always be practiced (too many options). This YouTuber even went as far as complimenting Nate Brown as well.

“I think both of them are amazing people, I know both of them pretty well and they have great personalities, apart from you know, stealing from me. They have some kind of weird thing in their brains were they like to steal, I’m sure they steal the silverware from restaurants as well, other than that they were great.”


At the end of the video, Roomie acknowledged that the stealing joke is only an internet meme, not an accusation. He finished the video out by saying he’s really happy for the duo and will be following their journey on the show. Roomie then cracked a last joke, stating that The Brown Brothers should share 50% of the profit with him, since they “stole my act.”

Roomie, Gabe Are Actually Friends

If you subscribe to RoomieOfficial or Black Gryph0n (Gabe Brown) on YouTube, you’d notice that these impressionists have fake internet beef. They often post impression videos on their YouTube and compare themselves against one another.

To prove further that these YouTubers actually don’t have internet beef, they recently released a song together. On October 29, 2021 they dropped the tune “Less Plastic.” The YouTubers created this song alongside Team Seas. Two years ago, they teamed up to create a collaboration of their normal content, 2 Guys, 26 Songs.

Gabe’s YouTube channel, Black Gryph0n currently has over 4.58 million subscribers following his appearance on America’s Got Talent. It appears that his most recent singing impression video was published over a year ago. Since then, Gabe has published a mix of impressions, vlog content, and more.

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