‘X Factor’ Safe Seats EXPOSED As FIXED!

X Factor‘ saw a new addition to the ‘Celebrity’ live shows this year… safe seats! Each judge can use their seat once to send an act straight through to next week’s show. But are the safe seats decided in advance?

Auto cue for the show gave away the fixed safe seats

During last weekend’s show, Kevin McHale was given the safe seat by Louis Walsh putting him straight through to the live shows. However, a fan tweeted about the fact that the auto cue, which is read by Dermot while introducing acts, already mentioned Kevin’s safe seat success before Louis has pushed the button.

On the auto cue the line: ‘Congrats, through to next week’ can be seen. Now we’re not doubting the telepathic abilities of the show’s producers, but this does seem a little out of the ordinary. We’ve done a little research here at Talent Recap and auto cues for television shows such as ‘X Factor’ are pre-written and already team approved hours ahead of the show. Quick decisions like the announcement of a safe seat cannot be incorporated into the script that quick, unless the show is literally run by super humans!

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Past live show additions have faced similar criticism

Jukebox landed on fright night
The X Factor theme jukebox during the live shows of 2014

Remember the theme jukebox that ‘randomly’ selected a theme for each week during the live shows? It faced similar criticism for being fake after landing on themes such as Halloween the exact week of the event. Claims that producers of the show just used the jukebox to try keep the show fresh and maintain viewing ratings were spread across Twitter during the night of the episode.

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X Factor: Celebrity’ continues on ITV & AXS TV this Saturday

‘X Factor: The Band’ starts this December, 2019


Pablo Urdiales Antelo
Pablo Urdiales Antelo

Pablo Urdiales Antelo is a writer at Talent Recap, covering 'Got Talent', 'The X Factor', and other worldwide talent shows. Occasionally writing pop culture content, he's quick to form opinions on celebrity controversies and political revelations. He lives in London, United Kingdom.

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