Global Star Dimash Kudaibergen ELIMINATED On ‘Masked Singer’ China

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Dimash Kudaibergen is a global mega star and he recently wowed America with his short stint on The World’s Best. He was presented as the “Six Octave Man” or “man with the world’s widest vocal range.” So why was he eliminated from Masked Singer Guess?

迪玛希 Dimash, 蒙面唱将猜猜猜 Masked singer, guess!

Before we move further, in case you want to learn more about Dimash because you have been living under a rock, click here to find out everything about fan favorite Dimash Kudaibergen!

Why Dimash Quit The Competition World’s Best

In the audition of World’s Best, Dimash performed “SOS d’un terrien en détresse” and “All by Myself” for the Battle Round. He was a front runner and was all set to win, especially given his reputable history of winning talent show but after performing “Adagio,” in the championship round, he withdrew from the competition.

Despite being listed as front-runner, Kudaibergen withdrew from the competition after his performance of “Adagio” in the Championship Round, which was the semi-final round.

The reason he gave for leaving the competition was that he wanted to give the opportunity to younger performers. The two other contestants he was competing against were 13-year-old Indian pianist Lydian Nadhaswaram and the 12-year-old Kazakh singer Daneliya Tuleshova. Nadhaswaram won the show.

Dinmukhamed Kanatuly Kudaibergen ( Дінмұхаммед Қанатұлы Құдайберген) Quits World’s Best.

Dimash Performs in New York

On 26 October Dimash made his New York City debut at the Barclay’s Center as a guest artist at the Igor Krutoy Gala Concert. He performed “Love is Like a Dream”, “Ogni Pietra”, “Love of Tired Swans” and “Mademoiselle Hyde.

For his first solo US concert, Dimash will be at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. It is pair of his “ARNAU” tour. The concert is on Tuesday, December 10th at 7:00pm. He will also be performing there on October 26th, as a guest of Russian composer Igor Krutoi, in celebration of his 65th birthday.

All Dimash tour tickets and details can be found here!

What is Masked Singer Guess?

Masked Singer Guess 蒙面唱将猜猜猜 was originally called “The king of mask.” It was introduced by a Chinese TV show from South Korea’s MBC TV station with the same name music reality show.

China’s The king of Mask focuses on singing/ entertainment and the best singer is voted on with the judges ranging from show hosts and singers.

Why Was Dimash Eliminated?

One aspect of the show is to conceal your identity. The vocal uniqueness is very important to the show because it retains the mystery and keeps it fresh. Only singers who don’t have a voice that is easily recognizable can remain in the show. Others are soon found out. So yeah you guessed it, Dimash is no ordinary singer. And he doesn’t just have fans, he has an army.

When he performed “Our Love” with his charismatic and intense personal style, of course his fans recognized him. Wouldn’t you?

From the bass to treble and his typical the long span made Dimash easier to be recognized by the judges.

Димаш Кудайберген – «Знай» | Dimash Kudaibergen – «Know» (Official Video)

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