Nepali Powerhouse Arthur Gunn Wins ‘American Idol’ Popular Fan Poll

Samantha Agate
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The Nepali powerhouse Arthur Gunn has impressed the American Idol judges each week with his consistent performances. Not only that, but he has garnered a huge fan base of people from all over the world. There is no surprise that he is the top spot of our fan poll when we asked you guys who should be the winner of American Idol.

Arthur got 53% of the votes in our fan poll and took the top spot by a landslide. In second place with 14% is Francisco Martin, the Filipino singer that has overcome his anxiety and became a hit with the judges. In third place is the sweet and soulful Just Sam with 13% of the votes. The rest of the fan poll results are as follows:


Dillon James got 7% of the votes.

Jonny West got 6% of the votes.

Julia Gargano got 4% of the votes.

Louis Knight got 3% of the votes.

It’s safe to say that Arthur blew the other contestants out of the water with these results. He has a huge appeal to people and is extremely down to Earth. Check out the video below for some facts about the pride of Nepal.

Arthur Gunn Dazzled Audiences With His ‘American Idol’ Audition

How could anyone forget when we first saw Arthur on our screens during his audition in week one of American Idol? He told us his story about how he moved to Witchita Kansas from Kathmandu, Nepal about six years ago. His real name is Dibesh Pokharel which Katy Perry agreed is still a superstar name. Although he loved growing up in Nepal, he credits Witchita for inspiring him to pursue bluegrass and country music.

The judges loved Arthur from the start because of his clear artist identity. He performed two songs during his audition after the judges gave him the advice to open his eyes more while singing. This made all the difference for them and obviously translated well to audiences watching at home who have established quite the fan club for this soulful performer.


He Slayed Hollywood Week & Put On An Amazing Performance in Hawaii

Arthur showed that he was in it to win it during Hollywood week. He blew the judges away with his performance of “Hard To Handle.” His performance was literally so good that the judges requested that he sing the song a second time. His family was there to support him and it is clear that he has a huge backing of support from them to pursue music.

In the second round, his rearrangement of “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” was so good that it literally made Lionel Richie cry. His artistry and uniqueness became very apparent during this performance because he can literally take any song and make it his own. He showed that he could work a crowd during his performance of the Bob Marley classic “Is This Love” when the top 40 contestants performed in Hawaii. Is there anything this man can’t do? This performance was yet another reason why people love him so much as he can take on any genre and made him a clear shoo-in to make it into the top 20.

Arthur Gunn’s At-Home Performances Have Been Crowd-Pleasers

Week after week, Arthur impresses people with something new. He showed off his emotional side when he sang a Bon Iver song dedicated to his mother. She is the one that bought him his first guitar and really got him into practicing music. As the contestants have had to adapt to the ever-changing dynamic of the show amid the coronavirus pandemic, Arthur is thriving. He genuinely has not had one bad performance and this is apparent through the love he gets on social media and from the people of Nepal.

Just look at the dedication his fans have in supporting his journey. They have also been showing love to his 2018 Grahan album that is posted on several streaming platforms and YouTube.

Re-visiting all of Arthur’s American Idol performances genuinely makes a case why he can definitely win this season of the show.


Tune in to American Idol tonight to see if Arthur Gunn can win the show after making all of his fans worldwide proud of him.

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