Meet Clare Crawley’s Finally DIVERSE Suitors On ‘The Bachelorette’

Ready to meet Clare Crawley’s suitors for Season 16 of The Bachelorette? The show recently had to recast the season after COVID-19 delayed production. According to E! News, the new batch of men skews older than the previous one. (Clare is 39, the oldest Bachelorette in history.)

The show shared photos of the possible men on Facebook, along with their names, ages, and hometowns. Fans didn’t hold back their opinions in the comments. Check out the potential suitors below, and see what commenters had to say.

Meet Clare Crawley’s Suitors On ‘The Bachelorette’

AJ, 28, Irvine, California / Alex, 28, El Paso, Texas

Commenters seemed to think these men were too young for Clare.

Ben, 29, Indianapolis, IN / Bennett, 37, Atlanta, GA

Commenters thought both of these men were “handsome,” and some said Bennett should get the first impression rose.

Blake, 30, Rockport, IN / Blake, 29, Burlington, ON, Canada

Commenters speculated the Blake Monar, on the left, is a musician. They said Blake Moynes, on the right, had a nice smile.


Brandon, 28, Cleveland, OH / Brendon, 30, Milford, MA

Commenters seemed to think both of these men might be too young, but one liked that Brandon looked “different from the typical” contestant, and others liked Brendon’s eyes.

Chasen, 31, Walnut Creek, CA / Chris, 27, St. Louis, MO

Commenters once again thought these guys were too young for Clare, especially Chris.

Collins, 30, Midlothian, VA / Dale, 31, Brandon, SD

Commenters thought Collins looked like Drake. More than one person commented that they knew Dale in real life and said he was a nice guy.

Demar, 26, San Diego, CA / Ed, 36, Pittsburgh, PA

Commenters agreed that Demar is too young for Clare. One fan complimented Ed’s “guns.”


Ellis, 26, Libertyville, IL / Garin, 34, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Commenters once again thought Ellis was way too young. Several people knew Garin in real life and said he’s a great guy.

Gary, 29, Cleveland, OH / Ivan, 28, Dallas, TX

Commenters were excited to see another Cleveland man in the cast. One commenter thought Ivan looked “kind,” but another said he was “awkward.”

Jason, 31, Rutland, VA / Jay, 29, Langhorne, PA

Commenters left a lot of rose emojis on both Jason’s and Jay’s photos.

Jeremy, 40, Virginia Beach, VA / Joe, 36, North Woodmere, NY

Commenters loved that Jeremy and Joe were both in a more appropriate age bracket for Clare. Jeremy is the first suitor who’s actually older than her!

Jordan M., 30, Dearborn, MI / Josh, 31, Minneapolis, MN

Commenters were excited to see Jordan representing Michigan. They seemed mixed in their opinion of Josh.

Karl, 33, Miami, FL / Kenny, 39, Oaklawn, IL

One commenter thought Karl had a bad photo, saying he had “terrible lighting.” Another person speculated that Kenny would become the “villain.”

Mike, 38, Calgary, Alberta, Canada / Montel, 30, Hingham, MA

Commenters said Mike was the “perfect age” for the Clare. They thought Montel was “cute.”

Noah, 25, Tulsa, OK / Page, 37, Santa Fe, NM

Fans seem to agree that Noah is way too young for Clare. More than one person compared Page to former Bachelorette contestant Evan Bass.

Peter, 32, Everett, MA / Riley, 30, Detroit, MI

Fans were mixed on Peter, with one saying he’s “generic looking.” They thought Riley was cute but some thought he was too young.

Robby, 31, St. Pete Beach, FL / Spencer, 30, La Jolla, CA

Fans thought Robby was cute, with one predicting he’ll be the “quirky” one. Some commenters said they’d give Spencer the first impression rose.

Tien, 36, Great Neck, NY / Tyler C., 27, Gassaway, WV

Commenters weren’t so sure about Tien’s choice of shirt in his photo. They also joked that the Bachelorette already had a Tyler C.

Tyler S., 36, Dallas, TX / Uzoma, 29, Dallas, TX

Fans seemed to really love Tyler, with one fan pointing out that he’s the brother of country singer Granger Smith. Commenters loved Uzoma’s smile.

Yosef, 29, Mobile, AL / Zac C., 36, Haddonfield, PA

Fans were amazed that Alabama had men as handsome as Yosef. Some commenters said they knew Zac and added that he’s a great guy.

Jordan C., 26, Southington, CT / Zach J., 37, Yakima, WA

Fans said Jordan looked like a nice guy, but thought he was too young. They thought Zach was age-appropriate and said he might be a frontrunner.


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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